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Total Commander 9.20 Beta 4


файл-менеджер TotalCommander и его настройка, crack

Дата публикации: 23.05.2018 - 19:17
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Total Commander 9.20 beta 3 + crack (sn)

Цитата | Quote
16.05.18 Fixed: Only standard icons were shown for files with only "PerceivedType" set (32/64)
16.05.18 Fixed: Changed how the following dialogs are minimized: Custom Columns, FTP connection progress, Plugin field picker, Print preview, Configure file system/lister/content plugins (32/64)
16.05.18 Fixed: Add flag WS_POPUP for all resizable dialog boxes, otherwise GetParent() would return 0 (32/64)
16.05.18 Added: Compare by content: Select all with Ctrl+A both in read only mode and editor mode (32/64)
15.05.18 Added: Multi-rename tool: New placeholder [f] for option "First of each word uppercase (English in Titles)", also support in F7 and Shift+F4, e.g. <[f][N] (32/64)
14.05.18 Fixed: Error <Read error!> was shown by mistake on disks with just hidden/system files/folders (e.g. System Volume Information) when using IgnoreDirErrors=1 and hidden/system files not shown (32/64)
14.05.18 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] IgnoreDirErrors=-1 turns off <Read error!> also on TC start when a directory is unavailable (32/64)
14.05.18 Fixed: When using IgnoreDirErrors=0 (default) and directory doesn't exist, only show <Read error!> on TC start when the active tab was locked. Otherwise switch to parent directory (32/64)
14.05.18 Fixed: Installer: Call QueryFullProcessImageName if GetModuleFileNameEx fails, now also in 64-bit version (64)
14.05.18 Fixed: When using PreloadThumbnails=1 or 2, resume pre-loading thumbnails for the entire directory after changing sort order (32/64)
14.05.18 Fixed: Garbled lines in wincmd.ini (for size per dpi) when saving button bar (fpc bug) (64)
13.05.18 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] LowercaseStrings=English:a,an,the,at,by,for,in,of,on,to,from,up,and,as,but,or,no
r,yet,so,vs  set title and excepted words for "First of each word uppercase" (32/64)
13.05.18 Added: Multi-rename tool: New upper/lowercase option "First of each word uppercase (English in Titles)" which doesn't uppercase words like "a", "an", "the" etc., except at the start or end (32/64)
13.05.18 Fixed: Change attributes dialog: Show error message when user enters invalid date or time also in date/time-specific plugin field(s) (32/64)
11.05.18 Fixed: Copy/move/rename file with long name >259 characters: warning about the last part longer than 256 characters was wrong by 1 character, should be max. 255 (32/64)
11.05.18 Fixed: Still range check errors in some cases when resizing controls (problem was that the Lazarus library was compiled with range check on due to missing miscellaneousoptions.xml file) (64)
10.05.18 Fixed: Loading of thumbnails didn't resume after changing sort order (64)
10.05.18 Fixed: Increased combobox dropdown count to 30 in various dialogs: Multi-rename tool: Load/save settings, Change attributes: Load/save settings, Associate: All files with extension, Split file: Bytes for file, Configuration - Color: Others, Configuration - Misc: Redefine hotkeys (64)
10.05.18 Fixed: FTP connection details: Hotkey for new option "Client certificate" didn't work (32/64)
10.05.18 Fixed: Change attributes dialog: Show error message when user enters invalid date or time (32/64)
10.05.18 Fixed: Button bar, start menu: %N parameter would pass '..' to program when cursor was standing on "go to parent" directory entry (32/64)
10.05.18 Fixed: Log files (normal or ftp) >4GB didn't work (32/64)

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Total Commander 9.20 beta 4 + crack (patch-keygen)

Цитата | Quote( Total Commander 9.20 beta 4 )
23.05.18 Release Total Commander 9.20 beta 4 (32/64)
23.05.18 Fixed: TC main window didn't flash when clicking on it when a dialog box was open (32)
23.05.18 Fixed: Update of OneDrive overlay icon (cloud) for files available only online didn't always work (64)
22.05.18 Fixed: Compare by content: After clicking on "Next difference" in binary mode, restore status bar to "X differences found" (32/64)
22.05.18 Fixed: Wrong icon was shown for files with no chosen associated program: Instead of "PerceivedType", use first entry from "OpenWithProgIDs" subkey (32/64)
22.05.18 Fixed: New string "Invalid input!" in attributes dialog wasn't used with internal English language (32/64)
22.05.18 Added: FTP: Allow to choose connection method via prefix: ftpes:// forces explicit ssl (AUTH TLS), while ftpis:// fources implicit ssl (encrypted from the start) (32/64)
22.05.18 Fixed: Command line edit control: cd path\filename didn't place cursor on file, but showed read error instead with IgnoreDirErrors=1 (32/64)
21.05.18 Added: Use Shift+F7 to create directory in target panel, using the name under the cursor from the source panel as the default (32/64)
21.05.18 Fixed: Change attributes: Couldn't enter a time with 59 minutes, e.g. 23:59 (32/64)
21.05.18 Fixed: When copying/moving/renaming a file, show "Invalid name" error when Windows reports an invalid name or path (error 123 or 161) (32/64)
20.05.18 Fixed: Incorrect decoding of multi-part MIME file where the individual file header "Content-Transfer-Encoding" came before the header "Content-Type" (32/64)
20.05.18 Fixed: Change attributes: Also report a time like 24:30 as an error. Allowed are 00:00:00-23:59:59 plus 5:00a/p or am/pm (am/pm is ignored for times >=13:00) (32/64)
18.05.18 Added: Multi-rename tool: Include [f] option also in dropdown list (Alt+"+") (32/64)
18.05.18 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Translation of "English in Titles" wasn't changed when changing language, only after restarting TC (32/64)
18.05.18 Fixed: FTP, edit two or more text files (with F4) from two or more different directories, save all within less than 1 second -> sometimes one was still re-uploaded to wrong directory, with error that server is busy (32/64)
18.05.18 Fixed: Create CRC checksums, no options checked: CRC for existing checksum file wasn't created when the user changed the name in the overwrite confirmation dialog (32/64)
18.05.18 Fixed: No overwrite confirmation when copying a file which can only be read as administrator (elevated) from a directory which can be read without admin rights (32/64)
18.05.18 Fixed: cm_RenameOnly would rename the file under the cursor instead of the selection when only a single file was selected (32/64)
18.05.18 Fixed: Change attributes: Load from target file could only be invoked via hotkey, not via click on the button (32/64)

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