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PL SQL Developer
мощный PL SQL редактор, подсветка синтаксиса, справка по SQL PL/SQL, описания объектов, Code Assistant, библиотека макросов и много других

Пакет PL-SQL Developer представляет собой интегрированную среду разработки для создания, тестирования, отладки и оптимизации хранимых процедурных модулей (stored program units) на языке Oracle PL SQL, таких, как пакеты (packages), триггеры и др.

Долгое время наблюдался перенос все большей и большей части бизнес-логики на серверную часть платформы Oracle Server, поэтому программирование на языке PL/SQL стало важной частью общего процесса разработки приложений. Среда PLSQL Developer torrent ориентируется на принципы удобства в работе, повышения качества кода и продуктивности программиста, что является ключевым преимуществом при разработке приложений для платформы Oracle.

В распоряжении пользователя пакета PL SQL Developer находится контекстно-зависимая справочная система. Реализован удобный доступ к описаниям объектов БД, подсветка синтаксических конструкций, построение и редактирование запросов, графический браузер и многие другие инструменты, которые так облегчают жизнь разработчика.

PL/SQL Developer is an Integrated Development Environment that is specifically targeted at the development of stored program units for Oracle Databases. Over time we have seen more and more business logic and application logic move into the Oracle Server, so that PL/SQL programming has become a significant part of the total development process. PL SQL Developer crack focuses on ease of use, code quality and productivity, key advantages during Oracle application development.

PL SQL Developer 12 - New Features
Ribbon User Interface
Single Document Interface
General User Interface Enhancements
PL/SQL Clipboard
Debugger Enhancements
Code Assistant Enhancements
SQL Window Enhancements
Test Window Enhancements
Program Window Enhancements
Session Window Enhancements
Connection Enhancements
Other Enhancements

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PL SQL Developer 12.0.4 1826 + crack (serial number-keygen)

Enhancements in PL-SQL Developer 12.0.4
* Stability improvements
* User interface preference "Switch to menu" now uses a classic menu bar
* Bookmarks could disappear with Block indent/unindent
* Code Assistant items were not always quoted correctly when choosing (all)
* Debugger could include member function names and member procedure names when displaying object instance attribute values
* Program Window did not always display compilation errors for mixed case program unit names
* Describing object types with mixed case object attributes could fail
* Fixed incorrect unused value hint when a record field was used in a local subprogram
* Fixed empty items in toolbar configuration in the File category
* Loading a previous desktop in SDI mode could show duplicate windows
* XMLTYPE instances fetched on an UTF8 client could be converted to the local character set
* Plug-In function IDE_SetMenuName did not work for the Ribbon and Tab, only for buttons
* Object Browser Triggers folder always used the all_triggers view, regardless of the "Use DBA views" preference
* PL/SQL Clipboard performance improved
* Plug-In Tabs and Groups were not always named correctly
* 64 bit Visual Studio Plug-Ins were not always loaded
* Text Importer could break or stop screen updates
* Drag & Drop table and view texts (e.g. select, insert, update) did not work correctly for mixed case column names
* Insert column highlighting did not always work correctly for select lists

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PL SQL Developer 12.0.5 + crack (keygen)

August 16, 2017 - Enhancements 12.0.5
Command Window would hang when opening login.sql without a connection
Connections tool was missing on the View ribbon
Indent and Unindent on large text selections in the SQL Window would cause a delay
Added keyboard access for large report menus
Clicking on a [...] cell button in the SQL Window result grid while pressing Ctrl could cause an Access Violation
Right-clicking in the Beautifier Rules preview would display an empty popup
ORA-28055 (the password will expire within <n> days) was not handled correctly
SQL Window did not parse "with procedure ... select ..." correctly
Large Data Editor could add cr/lf to a multi-line text
Selecting an overloading in the Code Assistant with the left and right key did not work correctly
Code Assistant and Debugger showed empty items in record descriptions with subtype fields

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Цитата | Quote( PLSQL Developer )
October 23, 2017 - Version 12.0.6 released
    Stability improvements
    Projects with AutoConnect enabled did not always open files for the specified connection
    Change window type could add an incorrect Unicode BOM character to the text if file encoding preference is set to "Always UTF8"
    Ctrl-Home did not work on the first editor line
    Test Window execution would fail with ORA-01742 if the script ends with a /* */ comment
    Saving recovery files could lead to screen flickering in SDI mode
    A read-only Program Window did not reload a changed program unit when prompted
    Large Data Editor "Save to file" function would store ANSI CLOB data as UTF16 when connected to a Unicode database
    Plug-In function IDE_GetWindowObject only worked for a Program Window and SQL Window
    Code Assistant (all) option could be missing when using subselects
    Drag & Drop from the Object Browser to the work area did not work
    Code Assistant did not work for externally identified users in combination with a proxy account
    Editor popup menu "Insert Template" delay fixed for large template directories
    New "Scroll window into view when selected" preference added

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Цитата | Quote( PL/SQL Developer 12.0.7 )
* Find & Replace functions in did not work in a Macro
* Compile referencing objects did not show all invalid objects
* Selection Upper and Lower case did not work in a Macro
* Export Tables in Oracle format did not work when multiple tables were selected
* File > Close All could cause an Access Violation
* Window List function "Close all other Windows" could cause an Access Violation
* Project > Save button was not always immediately enabled when modifying project properties
* SQL Window did not parse multiple statements with Q'Strings correctly
* Executing a script in the Command Window with dbms_output would always display an empty line before the output
* Scripts generated by Export User Objects and Export Tables did not always include headers

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Цитата | Quote( PLSQL Developer 12.0.8 )
Enhancements in PL/SQL Developer 12.0.8
* Debugger did not step through code on some Oracle Server 12.2 patch releases

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