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Exlade Disk Password Protection v4.9.4

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> Exlade Disk Password Protection v4.9.4, Комплексная защита компьютера!

post 10.07.2006 - 16:39
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Exlade Disk Password Protection v4.8.624 + serial

user posted image

Программа для комплексной защиты вашего компьютера, дисков, разделов и конфиденциальной информации от неавториз. доступа.

Disk Password Protection is complex protection for your computer, disks, partitions and confidential information against unauthorized access. Protect your disks and partitions with a password, hide and protect your information from other people, restrict viewing and launching files. Protect starting operating systems on your computer with a password.

It is low-level protection. It works directly with the disk and does not depend on any operating systems, programs or other equipment. Passwords are encrypted and stored in the protected areas of the disk. Owing to this, the protection will work on any computers and can be controlled from any computer.

Disk Password Protection offers you to select the type of protection that better meets your requirements.

Having an original, simple interface and a step-by-step wizard, the program allows users of any level work with protection.

Main features:
• Boot protection
The computer will boot from a protected disk only after the valid password is entered.
• Partition protection
A protected partition is invisible on the disk and unavailable for read/write operations.
• Low-level protection
A protected hard disk is blocked against any read/write operations on the hardware level.
• Password-protected launch
This feature will allow you to restrict other users' access to the program on your computer.
• Command-line support will allow you to automate and hide the process of enabling and disabling disk/partition protection.
• The program allows you to enter a password hint. The hint will help you recall your forgotten password. There are no other ways to recover it or to disable protection without the password.
• SDK for software developers. SDK allows you to use the functionality of Disk Password Protection in applications where there is a need to protect information on media.

Download (~2,2Mb):

Name : Klaus-Dieter Theis Serial: 6BS6-3MBQ-NSVK-TJFP
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post 7.10.2007 - 19:49
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Exlade Disk Password Protection v4.8.930

Твой софтовый форум + Твой софтовый форум ~2327 KB
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post 8.08.2012 - 3:44
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Soft Manager
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Disk Password Protection v4.9.4

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