Photo Supreme 4.0.1 992, каталогизатор фото, home and business photo management
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IDimager Photo Supreme

Photo Supreme - вспомогательная программа для владельцев цифровых фотокамер. Самый мощный и удобный каталогизатор изображений. С помощью Photo Supreme можно импортировать изображения с цифровых камер, просматривать, делать каталоги, архивировать, редактировать, распечатывать, отсылать по электронной почте, делать слайд-шоу, публиковать изображения в Интернете, и т.д.

IDimager Photo Supreme is cross platform Digital Asset Management software for home and business image management.
Control your assets
Do you own a digital camera or do you have a large collection of images to manage? Then in no time finding that one image you're looking for becomes a chore. But Photo Supreme can change all that. Photo Supreme's integrated cataloging and management features will help you quickly find and work with your desired image.
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Photo Supreme comes in two editions: a Server and a Single User edition. The Single User edition is designed to be used by one person on a single computer. Install and you're ready to go.
The Server edition uses a central database system and multiple users can access the same catalog concurrently. With our role based User Access Management System you'll be in control of who can access your photos, or who is allowed to make changes in the catalog. This makes Photo Supreme Server edition a great solution for Work-groups, departments, creative studios or businesses who need to stay in control.
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Photo Supreme 4 0.1.992 + crack (cracked)

Цитата | Quote( New in Photo Supreme 4 )
February 06, 2018
    Build 992; Added an Open option in the Catalog menu for the Single Edition
    Added support for High Resolution monitors (4K)
    New flat GUI Design
    Added the GeoTIFF extension (TFW) as a sidecar definition for TIF files.
    You can now enter a description for a Portfolio Collection
    Stored Previews Size is increased from 1680 to max 3200
    Added a Memories section in the Time Line (CATALOG->By Date)
    You can now run applicable scripts from the online repository for a selection of thumbnail by right clicking on a thumbnail -> Run Script from Repository
    You can now create Dynamic Collections in a Portfolio
    In the Server Edition you can now specify which Catalog Manager user can delete from catalog and/or disk
    Added support for PostgreSQL 10
    Added support for SQLServer 2016 and SQLServer 2017
    You can now store a Dynamic Search as a Dynamic Collection in a Portfolio


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