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OpenBSD Release Songs

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post 8.09.2016 - 17:09
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OpenBSD Release Songs

Твой софтовый форумТвой софтовый форумТвой софтовый форум

лирика; mp3 и ogg, на выбор


6.0: "Another Smash of the Stack", "Black Hat",
"Money", "Comfortably Dumb (the misc song)",
"Mother", and "Goodbye"
5.9: "Doctor W^X" and
"Systemagic (Anniversary Edition)"
5.8: "20 years ago today", "Fanza",
"So much better", and "A Year in the Life"
5.7: "Source Fish"
5.6: "Ride of the Valkyries"
5.5: "Wrap in Time"
5.4: "Our favorite hacks"
5.3: "Blade Swimmer"
5.2: "Aquarela do Linux"
5.1: "Bug Busters!", "Shut up and Hack" and
"Sonate aux insomniaques"
5.0: "What Me Worry?"
4.9: "The Answer"
4.8: "El Puffiachi"
4.7: "I'm still here"
4.6: "Planet of the Users"
4.5: "Games"
4.4: "Trial of the BSD Knights"
4.3: "Home to Hypocrisy"
4.2: "100001 1010101"
4.1: "Puffy Baba and the 40 Vendors"
4.0: "Humppa Negala" and "OpenVOX"
3.9: "Blob!"
3.8: "Hackers of the Lost RAID"
3.7: "The Wizard of OS"
3.6: "Pond-erosa Puff (live)"
3.5: "CARP License" and "Redundancy must be free"
3.4: "The Legend of Puffy Hood"
3.3: "Puff the Barbarian"
3.2: "Goldflipper"
3.1: "Systemagic"
3.0: "E-Railed (OpenBSD Mix)"
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