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Prezi Next 1.6.1


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post 12.07.2017 - 13:56
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Prezi Next
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Редактор Prezi - это разработка компании Prezi Inc. Сервис Prezi предлагает удивительные возможности для создания различных мультимедийных документов. Сегодня более 50 миллионов человек делают свои презентации и другие проекты в Prezi. Вся Европа третий год фанатеет от этого нового мультимедийного формата!
Вы не знаете английского, но хотите разработать свой проект в англоязычной программе - поможет Prezi. Несмотря на то, что программа и сайт разработчиков англоязычные, проекты в Prezi можно создавать на любом языке, в том числе, и на русском.

Prezi Next is our latest generation presentation platform built on HTML5 technology, which gives you a consistent, high resolution, and smooth experience for your conversational presentation needs. It helps engage your audience in your story. Whether you’re giving a pitch to a potential client, training employees, or outlining future business plans, Prezi Next will help you convey your message in a memorable way through conversational storytelling.

Why Prezi needed a new version?

The “old” classic version of Prezi depends on Adobe Flash software, which is considered to be unsafe and has a lot of performance issues. A new platform was needed to be compatible with all major technology devices. Fortunately the old Classic Prezi version and all the presentations made with it, are still be available in your new Prezi Next account. Prezi Next is simply a new tool in addition to all that has been previously made, and you can use both the Classic and Next. If you only have a new Prezi Next account and would like to use Prezibase templates with Prezi Classic.

New Features

The new Prezi Next is not so different from the old one. You can do all the same things you could with the old version + it has a few new features and a lot more potential for development.

1) Topics & Covers
2) Navigation
3) Zoom Areas
4) Other Changes (compared to classic Prezi)
SWF files not supported
3D backgrounds removed
Fade Out any object or text (Finally, thank you!)
SVG files now supported (not officially but it works)
PDF files can now be uploaded with transparent backgrounds
Analytics – track the performance of your Prezi
Comments – add comments to any objects inside the Prezi
Presenter View (Desktop only) – add yourself notes while presenting
Change transparency and color of objects more easily(no more CSS)
Connect objects with lines or arrows – if you move the object, the line will follow and keep the connection.
Change title of Prezi inside the Edit mode

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