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Программа для тестирования протокола телемеханики IEC 61850

61850 TesT software is now available is two versions: Basic and Professional. Basic is included with the purchase of the F6860 option. Professional requires an upgrade which can be purchased through your local Doble representative.

The Test Suite is a group of Windows application that support IEC 61850. The Test Suite is comprised of three separate products. Hammer is a test Client for testing IEDs with MMS (reports, logs, etc.), GOOSE, and Sampled Values. Anvil is a test Server for testing Clients with MMS (reports, logs, etc.), GOOSE, and Sampled Values. SCL Forge is a tool for creating SCL data model templates for IEDs.

IEC 61850 Communication Testing for IEDs

Simulate an IEC 61850 Client
Browse any IED and discover the Data Model
Compare the model from an IED to the model from an SCL File
View Data Model as a hierarchy or as a flat points list
Create and delete dynamic data sets
Capture Server Data Model states, which can be played back in Anvil
Save discovered model to an SCL file
Visualize data and measurements with InSight custom displays
Automate repeatable tasks with scripting and flow charts
Create and configure negative test cases
Test Controls with support for all control models
Subscribe to GOOSE Control Blocks to see GOOSE events
Sniffer to view GOOSE on the wire and compare to GOOSE in SCL File
Monitor incoming GOOSE and Reports
Read, Write, GOOSE, Sampled Values, Reporting, Logging, Controls, Dynamic DataSets, Discovery, Tracking and File Services

Homepage: doble.com
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