Smoothboard 2.5, экран в интерактивную доску, ability annotations
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описание (rus) Smoothboard программное обеспечение, позволяющее превратить любой экран в интерактивную электронную доску с помощью Wii Remote и инфракрасного пера.

description (eng) Smoothboard 2 software with the ability to allows annotations directly from an iPad or Android Tablet. It supports multiple simultaneous tablets for callaboration in a classroom or meeting room.
Smoothboard which allows you to annotate wirelessly from a tablet into a computer
Supports collaboration with two or more tablets
Works with any mobile device that has a HTML5 browser such as
Android Tablets

Interface languages: En
OS: Windows 10/8/7 (32bit-64bit)
скачать бесплатно / free download Smoothboard 2.5 + crack (keygen) ~ 1.2 Mb

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