MTCVideoSlave 1.0.2 429, видео-плеер через MIDI, video player MIDI time code
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описание (rus) mtc videoslave - видео-плеер с возможностью управления воспроизведением через MIDI и поддержкой MIDI Time Code. Для воспроизведения используется FFmpeg, поэтому список поддерживаемых видео-форматов соотносится с данной библиотекой.

description (eng) MTCVideoSlave (MIDI Time Code Video Slave) is a video player which syncs the video playback to MIDI time code.

It uses the FFmpeg library for decoding video files and therefore supports numerous file formats. But since not all of these formats are suited equally well for synchronized playback it is sometimes required to transcode the video file into a format suitable for playback with MTC VideoSlave crack.

By using OpenGL for displaying the video the CPU load is kept low and multiple video windows can be shown simultaneously – so you can have a small window on your DAW desktop and a big window on another screen at a remote location for example. You can also use MTC VideoSlave serial to offload the video playback onto another PC or keep multiple PCs in sync for video installations.

If supported by your hardware an OpenGL shader is used to improve performance for videos which use the YUV420P, YUV422P, YUV444P or YUV422P10LE format. The shader requires OpenGL Shading Language version 1.3 or better.

Usually it is best if the video file has the same frame rate as the MIDI time code but this is not a requirement. MTC Video Slave supports videos with any frame rate and tries its best to accurately keep them in sync.

Interface languages: En
OS: Windows 10/8/7 (32bit-64bit)
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