Firebird PHP Generator Professional 18.3 0.1, генерато веб php Firebird Create applications gen
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Firebird PHP Generator Pro

описание (ru) Firebird PHP Generator создавайте профессиональные и качественные веб-приложения для баз данных Firebird без программирования.

description (en) Firebird PHP Generator Create professional quality data-driven web applications for your Firebird databases without any programming.
Responsive and adaptive
Firebird PHP Generator allows you to create applications that look fine on any device from a mobile phone to an extralarge desktop.
State-of-the-art data input forms
Firebird PHP Generator helps you to create easy-to-use data input forms with wide spectrum of controls.
Master/detail views
Firebird PHP Generator supports master-detail views with unlimited nesting.
Safe and secure
Firebird PHP Generator crack provides reliable data protection with application, page, and record level security. Support for self-registration of new users is available too.
Data manipulation tools
Firebird PHP Generator key allows you to filter, sort, compare, and partition data according to your needs.
Out-of-the-box Charts
Add charts to your pages or even create dashboards with just a few mouse clicks.
Exporting and printing
Export data from your webpages to Excel, XML, CSV, Excel, and Word or get a printer-friendly version of any page.
Unlimited flexibility
Tune your websites according to your needs with color themes, custom templates, additional styles and JavaScript, user-defined events, and built-in developer API.

Interface languages: En
OS: Windows 10/8/7 (32bit-64bit)
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