Relyze 2.14, реверсинг и анализ программ, Interactive Soft Analysis
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описание (ru) Relyze позволяет осуществлять реверсинг и анализ x86, x64 и ARM программ в симпатичной оболочке. Поддерживает сравнение двух программ и различные визуализации.

description (en) Relyze Interactive Software Analysis
Relyze lets you reverse engineer and analyze native x86, x64 and ARM software

Highlights Relyze
Load PE and ELF binaries
Navigate a binaries structure and discover how it is composed. Visualise the data and enrich the analysis with symbols.
Analyze x86, x64 and ARM code
Let the analysis reconstruct control flow graphs, resolve indirect calls, generate references, discover stack variables and more.
Interactive Analysis
Modify and annotate the analysis as you work. Explore the relationships between code and data with interactive control flow, call and reference graphs.
Binary Diffing
Perform a differential analysis against two binaries and explore their similarities and differences.
Modern Interface
Relyze crack employs a sleek modern interface with a flat UI design ethos in order to bring the analysis to centre stage.
Plugin Framework
A rich Ruby plugin framework lets you expand the capabilities of Relyze 2 with your own plugins.

Interface languages: En
OS: Windows 10/8/7 (32bit-64bit)
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