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Дата публикации: 17.08.2020 - 21:45
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QUOTE(SLIDER @ 3.09.2006 - 23:24)
mIRC Power Pack 8.00 RC Build 7.099

Changes in mIRC Power Pack 8.00 RC8 :
* redesigned for mirc 6.2
* replaced all protium links with gameradius
* color theme converter auto updates your main ini
* exe's now digitally signed
* default font changed to tahoma 8/10pt
* default nicklist width changed
* massively updated f2 control panel

Скачать/Download: ~ 12.3Mb

Ошибочка, там ссылка неверная, нужен ещё дефиз.
mIRC v6.3

1.Fixed /var bug when parsing multiple $identifiers() on one line.
2.Fixed /auser bug halting script if user already existed.
3.Fixed /toolbar -fl bug when an item in toolbar.ini contained a
popup @menu.
4.Fixed custom DLL delay-unload feature so that it is only applied
when mIRC exits. In other cases, the DLL is unloaded immediately.
5.Fixed mIRC always forcing an SSL +port if the last connection was
an SSL +port.
6.Fixed popup menu positioning bug when pressing spacebar to display
popup close to edge of Windows desktop.
7.Fixed $inroundrect() and $inellipse() bug.
8.When connecting to a round robin dns pool ip address the original
connect address is now remembered and the connect message now has
"dns pool" appended to it.
9.Fixed round robin dns pool ip address bug with SSL connections not
remembering original host address during verification.
10.Fixed /queryrn bug not renaming same name with different case.
11.Fixed right-click popup menu selections not working correctly under Vista in some cases...........................
и еще более 100 исправлений

Офф сайт программы:

программа + крякало
скачать download mIRC 6.31 Full
Цитата | Quote
mIRC 6.31 has been released! (November 1st 2007)
mIRC is back with a new face! :-) mIRC now has a shiny new mIRC logo and new interface icons, updated and designed by the good people at TurboMilk. To match the new icons, we also decided to redesign the mIRC website to bring it into the 21st century... we hope you like the new look!

In addition to the visual changes in mIRC and the website, this new version of mIRC also addresses the various issues that were reported for the last release.

For scripters, we hope you like the changes to the script editor. The interface has been improved, it is now cleaner and easier to read, we added Check Bracket/Sort Variables items to Edit menu, line numbers to the margin, and enter/home key indentation support. The editor also no longer flickers when resized.

Various other changes include:
A "Hide tips when locked" option to the lock dialog,
An SSL option to automatically accept invalid certificates,
Tips now shade each alternate message that is added to an existing tip to make it easier to distinguish individual messages,
When bars are locked the drag bars are now hidden from view,
Changed behaviour of "Hide minimized desktop windows" option so that query, message, and chat windows remain visible when they are first opened minimized on the desktop.

In total there have been over 50 changes to this version and although most of them are only small fixes and tweaks, we hope that they result in a more useful and stable mIRC for you.


mIRC Power Pack 8.00 RC13

Мощный скрипт для mIRC, созданный специально для геймеров.

mIRC Power Pack (MPP) is a powerful script for mIRC created specifically for gamers. It includes five different game browsers, allowing you to pick the tool that you like best.
MPPґs Connection Manager is one of the very best, allowing you to connect to multiple IRC networks (30 total) using different nicknames, email addresses and useridґs for each connection, unlimited perform sections for each connection, and it includes ETG VHost, GameSurge AuthServ and Protium/Dalnet NickServ login managers.

You can even store your MPP settings in an unlimited number of User Profiles. It includes automatic DCC Allow Management for ETG, completely automatic channel password memorization, full graphical controls for File Servers and File Server Browsing, and personal/channel protection controls.

It includes 3 Control Panels (F1 thru F3) offering over 105 shortcuts to different mIRC and Windows tools, including 14 different benchmark utilities. MPP now also includes fully integrated webcam support.


Multi-Server Connection Setup
Multi-Server Away System
MPP Auto-Update/Manual-Update
3 Control Panels
Online/Offline status in Query
Nicklist - Individual Nickname Colors
Whois on Query/DCC Chat
Teamspeak2 Server Integration
ability to Import/Export MPP User Profiles
webcam support for mIRC Power Pack (ByteCam 2.4)
Fullscreen Script & DLL

Size: ~ 13.28 MB

mIRC v6.32

mIRC v6.32

Твой софтовый форум

mIRC v6.33

Твой софтовый форум



Install Notes

1.Install Program
2.Use Patch
3. Use any Name and Code to register
mIRC 6.34

mIRC v6.35

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