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ScriptFTP 4.6


FTP клиент с скриптовым языком, FTP client script

Дата публикации: 10.05.2020 - 23:22

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описание (ru) ScriptFTP FTP клиент с мощным скриптовым языком для автоматизации процесса: бэкапов сайтов, или наоборот, закачки данных или обновлений по расписанию, или заданному алгоритиму.

Особенности ScriptFTP:
Автоматизированная FTP и безопасной передачи FTP.
Мощный и легкий язык сценариев. Много примеров.
Upload / Download набор файлов или каталогов.
Синхронизация. Передача только измененные файлы.
Сценарий планирования. Выполнение Ваших переводов периодически.
ZIP файла для автоматизированного создания резервных копий.
Доклад сценария результатов по электронной почте.
Пакетная интеграция.
Файл регистрации. Регистрация всех передачу информации о текстовом файле.
Обработка ошибок. Сделайте ваш сценарий отказоустойчивой.
Выполнение внешних программ в рамках сценария.
Несколько переименования файлов.
Удалить удаленного дерева каталогов.
Получить переменные окружения в сценарии.

description (en) ScriptFTP is an FTP client designed to automate file transfers. It follows the commands written on a text file (also called script file) and makes the uploads or downloads automatically.

Writing the script file is very easy. This small introduction will show how it is done. You can also visit the script library for some examples.

Key features ScriptFTP 4
Complete unattended operation
Based on FTP protocol standards and RFCs
Plain FTP protocol support
FTP over SSL (FTPS) support
SSH FTP (SFTP) support
Fast script execution and low memory footprint
Different levels of output detail. Max level with detailed info useful for troubleshooting
Capable of periodic and scheduled script execution
Full background run or normal window operation
Log files for every run script available
Integration with other tools or workflows via external command execution, environment variables etc.
Full command line support via a command line version of the FTP interpreter

Interface languages: En
OS: Windows 10/8/7 (32bit-64bit)
Homepage: www.scriptftp.com
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Цитата | Quote( ScriptFTP 4 5 )
5th February 2018
    [New feature] Sending emails from ScriptFTP serial is now much easier thanks to the new command SENDEMAIL. Previously it was required to use the EXEC command to call and external program. The SMTP email server is set up using SETEMAILSERVER and SETEMAILSERVERPORT
    [Fixed] ScriptFTP_console.exe was always returning 0 as exit code. Even when the EXIT command was used with a non-zero exit code
    [Fixed] More detailed error messages when an internal error happens
    [Fixed] OUTPUTDETAIL(SILENT) was wrongly showing the “skipped file” message on SYNC
    [Fixed] Stopping the script with the ESC key was being attempted by ScriptFTP even when the script was not running producing an error message.
    [Fixed] PUTFILE2 was not working at all. Fortunately, this command is not used very often and this is because it was unnoticed.
    [Fixed] SYNC now set the new file modification times using the server-client clock time difference when available.
    [Fixed On the first startup the ScirptFTP license key window was being placed in the upper left corner of the first screen. Now it is up to Windows to place the window on the first run. Then the last position is saved.
    [Fixed] The output of the EXEC command was not showing the line breaks of the output of the external command properly. Sometimes everything was being shown in one line.
    [Fixed] Forced to use UTF8 encoding on SFTP.
    [Fixed] The FTP protocol command PWD was called once for every remote file when the ScriptFTP’s SYNC was used even when the file did not match the wildcard. This caused many not required PWD calls to the FTP server.
    [Fixed] The ScriptFTP crack setup failed sometimes when there was no internet connection. Now it handles the connection error properly.

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Цитата | Quote(ScriptFTP)
    [New] Support for the latest SSH encryption algorithms. This will allow ScriptFTP to log in to the SFTP server than enforce the client to support the latest security standards.
    [New] Added a new command: EXIST . With it you can quickly check if a file already exists without using GETLIST and FOREACH
    [New] Added a new command: TEXTFILEREAD. It is used to read the full contents of a text file and store them in a variable.
    [Fix] SETPASSIVE was only working when used after OPENHOST. Fixed to be working whether or not is used after or before.
    [Fix] SETSPEED was not working as expected in some servers.
    [Fix] Fixed the default position if the schedule script window. It was being centered in the primary screen instead of the parent window
    [Fix] Fixed the text box where the minutes of a scheduled script was entered was not padding zeroes on minutes. For example. It showed 12:1 instead of 12:01
    [Fix] Fixed an infinite loop that happened when called ScriptFTP.exe from ScriptFTP itself
    [Fix] Many minor bugs have been fixed. Mostly related to memory management and performance.

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