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PC MightyMax 9.0.12 Full


Сканирование системы

Дата публикации: 07.02.2006 - 15:00
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PC MightyMax 9.0.12 Full
Сканирование системы

Сканирование Вашей системы на предмет ошибок + реальное ускорение работы системы в целом.

If you are experiencing problems with your PC, or it's no longer performing as it used to, and you haven't recently added new hardware, the likelihood is your hard drive is overloaded with redundant files created by the Windows operating system or other software.

Even moderate use of a PC running Windows (95/98/ME/2000/XP) could result in numerous files spread across the hard drive. Many of these files are no longer needed or used by Windows and may well disrupt the smooth running of your system.

After just a few days these files can begin to accumulate and, over time, will cause your PC to slow down or stop running altogether. If you've had your system for some time then you'll be astonished at the number of unnecessary files hanging around, just waiting to strike. Deleted programs often leave a few files littered around and these are potential problems in the making.

If you'd like to know just how many redundant files are lurking in your PC just download and run our FREE System Check tool "PC MightyMax".

Like most PC users who try our diagnostic check for the first time, it's likely you will find dozens (possibly hundreds) of 'time bomb' files, just waiting to create havoc with your system - usually at the most inconvenient moment!

Home: http://www.pcmightyma...gi//index.html
Download: https://softoroom.net/...CMM_9.0.12.rar ~ 3.7 Mb

Лицензия: Shareware
Язык интерфейса: ENG

Страница загрузки с оффсайта: http://www.pcmightyma.../download.html
После перезагрузки системы опять требует ее заломать
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