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FontFrenzy 1.0 Build 74


Удобный менеджер шрифтов!!!

Дата публикации: 07.02.2006 - 13:31
FontFrenzy 1.0 Build 74

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Простой менеджер шрифтов.

Твой софтовый форумFontFrenzy tames the frenzy of fonts that can clutter and slow down Windows. The DeFrenzy function removes and stores all fonts except those that were present when Windows was first installed. In short, it cleans up your font folder so that Windows boots quicker and runs smoother.

FontFrenzy helps solve the problem of Windows font overload. The special FrenzySnap function enables you to establish "restore points" and re-install the fonts that were in your system on a specific date. FontFrenzy is also a great general font manager. It has the ability to preview, print, add and delete fonts. FontFrenzy is fully-functional freeware - with the nag screen easily removed after a painless registration.


Save a snapshot of your fonts folder that you can use as a restore point.
Re-install fonts quickly and easily from a previous snapshot.
View your font list at any point-size using a customizable test phrase.
Easily print your font list for reference.
View a sample of each font in a pop-up window including every upper- and lower-case character and numbers.
User-friendly font manager allows you to add new fonts, delete, or unload and store selected fonts.
View all fonts from a specified folder.
And it´s FREE.

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