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Magic Audio Recorder 5.3.3 + crack


Удобная программа для аудио-записи

Дата публикации: 10.02.2006 - 10:21
Magic Audio Recorder 5.3.3 + crack

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Удобная программа для записи музыки со старых носителей (кассеты, винилы и т.д) на PC в форматы MP3, WMA. Программа может также записывать все звуки, идущие через вашу звуковую карту. Плюс реальная оптимизация качества звучания.

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Do you want to:
Save cassette recordings of (family) events you cherish to CD or MP3?
Record your LP's and 45's that have been stuck on the attic for ages to CD?
Play your favorite cassettes or vinyl LP's on the CD player in your car or on your MP3 player?
Save your LP and cassette collection from deterioration?
Record any other audio source on your PC?
Get your tapes and LP’s to CD yourself quickly and easily with the Magic Audio Recorder. All you need is your audio equipment, a PC and our software. Best of all: you can try it 7 times for free. Once you’ve put your LP’s and cassettes on CD’s, your recordings are safe and you can play them everywhere you like.

What can the Magic Audio Recorder do for you?
Record your cassettes and LP’s to CD or MP3, WMA
Record anything you can hear through your PC speakers on your PC
Reduce noise from your tape recordings
Enhance overall sound quality with our equalizer
Our software is very user-friendly according to our 18.000 users, as they selected “Ease of use” as the nr 1 feature in a recent survey.

Download(~1,9Mb): www.video-convert-master.com/downloadserver/magicvideosoftware/Magic-Audio-Recorder-Installer.exe

Name: TeAM Crude
Company: TeAM CRD 2k6
Serial: MGAR5943412
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