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Дата публикации: 10.05.2021 - 03:27
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µTorrent 1.8 Build 7593 Alpha

- Feature: Interval and Min Interval (non-default) columns for Trackers tab
- Feature: context menu for Trackers tab
- Feature: "Selected Size" column for main listctrl - displays total size - skipped size
- Change: Reworked preferences dialog
- Change: New opening dialog/wizard with speed guide/setup combination
- Change: peer id parsing for (lol) LimeWire
- Change: Remove a previous fix for custom taskbar/title icons, as it make some existing ones choose the wrong format
- Change: If a default download directory is chosen, torrents automatically added from the autoload directory will never pop up the add torrent dialog
- Change: An error is now shown if there is a autoload directory, a custom torrent storage directory is not chosen, and the autoload directory matches the settings directory
- Change: use CONNECT for peer connections through HTTP style proxies
- Change: "Seeding only"/pink scheduler mode, available before when shift was held down, is now part of the normal scheduler click rotation
- Change: In places where the infinity symbol was printed, nothing is printed
- Fix: reverse DNS resolution with old-style tracker responses
- Fix: search string corruption on Win98
- Fix: resolve host to report to tracker before any tracker requests
- Fix: CONNECT requests to "HTTPS" style proxies (peer connections now work)
- Fix: communication with trackers that only parse the first TCP packet (fix your trackers please!)
- Fix: trackers stuck in "updating..." if UPnP was enabled but not functioning
- Fix: negative "Remaining" value if files are skipped after they are completed
- Fix: When a second instance is started while uTorrent is shutting down, it will now wait for the first instance to finish then continue, rather then silently quitting

Size: ~ 252 KB

µTorrent 1.8 Alpha build 7676

--- 2008-01-09: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7676)
- Feature: tracker tab context menu now operates on all selected items
- Fix: remove leftover firewall entry on install

--- 2008-01-08: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7671)
- Feature: Remove Tracker confirmation dialog
- Fix: Hanging when pressing some buttons in preferences
- Fix: broker Logger tab context menu

Size: ~ 253 KB

µTorrent 1.8 Alpha build 7785

Size: ~ 254 KB

µTorrent 1.7.6 Stable (build 7859)

2008-01-15: Version 1.7.6 (build 7859)
- Change: do not use adapter subnet to identify local peers
- Fix: double-clicking to open items in RSS releases tab
- Fix: remote crash bug (affects all 1.6.x, 1.7.x, and 1.8 builds released to date)
- Fix: limit local peers if disk is congested

Size: ~ 215 KB

µTorrent 1.8 Build 7928 Alpha

2008-01-18: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7928)
- Change: If the torrent's label was changed in torrent properties form the add torrent dialog, reflect it in the add torrent dialog
- Change: Advanced setting to disable WINE hacks if need be (program restart required)
- Change: A boatload of GUI hacks for WINE, including disabling listview flicker workarounds, a multitude of ugly hacks to make the addtorrent dialog usable on it, and disabling the messagebox subclassing (which means no checkbox or controls in them)
- Change: use "client" instead of "enterpriseclient" for Teredo setup
- Fix: "Wierdly colored selection border" in add torrent dialog
- Fix: WINE DNS problems (WINE bug in GetBestInterface)
- Fix: possible negative "downloaded=" numbers
- Fix: port not saving in Installation dialog

Size: ~ 255 KB

µTorrent 1.7.7

--- 2008-01-25: Version 1.7.7 (build 8179)
- Fix: remote crash bug in WebUI
- Fix: (potential) remote crash bug with extension protocol

Size: ~ 215 KB

µTorrent 1.8 Build 8205 Alpha

Size: ~ 257 KB

Language Pack:

µTorrent 1.8 Build 8682 Alpha

Version 1.8 alpha (build 8682)

- Feature: support 'failure reason' in scrape response
- Feature: optional piece progress bar
- Change: (yet another) new installation dialog
- Change: More informative error message for misc. autoupdate errors
- Change: Return to 1.7-style RSS errors
- Change: remove 1000 files warning in create torrent
- Change: Turn off sparse files and turn on compact allocation by default on Vista, because it has a terrible bug
- Change: do not enable a feed when Update Feed is selected
- Change: send rejects to FAST extension peers that request the same piece again before it's sent
- Change: grey out Update Feed when feed is disabled
- Change: change Toggle Feed to Enable/Disable Feed
- Change: update free space on focus change in create torrent
- Change: some RSS speed optimizations for large history and feed item counts
- Fix: Tab order issues in Add Feed dialog
- Fix: magnet URI download directory is now default download directoy
- Fix: Display of "&" characters in title of folder browsing dialog on Windows versions less then Vista, and give Vista version a title
- Fix: Preferences tab order
- Fix: Longstanding bug where dialogs that inside tab controls did not have the proper background when using XP themes
- Fix: Issue where it would stay as admin user after autoupdating through a normal user
- Fix: element not found and 99% cpu bug with partfiles
- Fix: piece picker bug that would cause it to start more equally rare pieces than needed
- Fix: key sort order with extension handshake
- Fix: download bar toggle
- Fix: external IP detection with NAT-PMP and non-conforming routers (like the Airport Extreme...)
- Fix: rare "invalid packet length" bug with encrypted connections
- Fix: Feed names not displaying unicode characters properly in category view
- Fix: Element Not Found when using partfiles with compact allocation

Size: ~ 255 KB

uTorrent 1.8 Build 8855 Alpha

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