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R-Drive Image 6.3


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Дата публикации: 19.06.2020 - 06:10
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R-Tools R-Drive Image 6.3 + crack (key gen)
Build 6300

Цитата | Quote(R-Drive Image)
New Features:
+ Support for the APFS file system has been added including the APFS Fusion Drive.
+ Automatic update of the device list for disk imaging/copying operations has been added.
+ Automatic update of the device list for boot / OEM media creation operations has been added.
+ When R-Drive Image runs out of available free space while creating an image, a new place can be specified, and the image will be split accordingly.
+ Task progress for running tasks is shown in the scheduled task list.
+ A tooltip shows detailed information on selected task in the scheduled task list.
* The Locked disk dialog box shows the list of processes and files that lock the disk.
* Linux kernel 5.4.11 is used in the startup version.

R-Drive Image 6.3.6304 by pasynok

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Официальный портабельный вариант 6.3.6304 с возможностью создания загрузочных дисков.

Рабочий образ загрузочного диска версии 6.3.6304.
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Pages: 1, 2, 3

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