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Advanced PDF Tools v2.0


редактирование PDF документов

Дата публикации: 15.07.2006 - 09:06
Advanced PDF Tools v2.0

Твой софтовый форум Advanced PDF Tools - быстрая и легкая в использовании утилита для редактирования PDF документов. Возможности: редактирование и добавление данных, номерация страниц, метаданные, оптимизация и сжатие файлов и т.д.


Advanced PDF Tools (Upgrade from PDF Information Editor software) is a fast and easy to use utility to maintain your PDF files, it allows you to edit or add data into the document information fields of single or multiple PDF files, it also allows you to set open action, page layout, page size, page margin, page orientation, metadata, optimize for the web (linearize), compression and others into your existing PDF files.

Advanced PDF Tools Features:

* Advanced PDF Tools support PDF 1.6 and Acrobat 7 documents
* Advanced PDF Tools can return the following information
Filename | PDF Version | Encryption status (128-bits or 64-bits) | Page Count | All Page Size - ( size of media box and crop box of all pages ) | Open Action Status | Title | Subject | Author | Keywords | Modification Date | Creation Date | Producer | Creator | Custom Fields | Metadata Content | Rotate Angle | Page Mode | View Reference | Page Layout
* Advanced PDF Tools support set document Information fields
Title | Subject | Author | Keywords | Creator | Producer | Creation Date | Custom Fields (support any name / value string field and date field)
* Export the source XML Metadata from PDF files
* Data is returned via standard output and/or printed to a text file
* File path and filename can be printed at the beginning of the returned data
* Keep track of the progress in a convenient log file
* Support Batch processing, return data from a single or multiple PDF files
* Insert a XML file into PDF files
* Set how the new output file displays when opening
Set the document Page Mode ( UseNone | PageOnly | UseThumbs | UseBookmarks| Fullscreen )
Set the document's layout ( Single | Continuous | Continuous-facing | twoColLeft )
Set the document's Open Action ( FitPage | FitVisible | FitWidth | FitHeight | FitWindow | ...)
Set the document's start page number
Hide the toolbar upon opening the document
Hide the menubar upon opening the document
Hide scrollbars and other controls upon opening the document
Resize the window to the initial page
Center the window on the screen
Display document title in windows title bar
* Count PDF Pages and Returns the Numerical Amount
* Total Page Count - multiple file page counts added together
* Print results to Standard Output or to a Text File
* Do NOT need Adobe Acrobat software
* Change the page size and page content in your PDF files
Set page size to A3, A4, Letter, B4, B5, Legal, Custom Size
Scale the page size and page content
Rotate the page and page content (0, 90, 180, 270, 360, any angle)
Set the page margin, page offset
Set available pages range
* Unused object removal (a garbage collector for PDF files)
* Support drag and drop
* Optimize for the web (linearize)
* Advanced PDF Tools support reducing the size and improving the reliability of a PDF
document, including Remove Metadata, Remove JavaScript, Remove thumbnails, Remove bookmarks, Remove private data, etc.
* Advanced PDF Tools support compression and resizing Color, Grayscale and Monochrome images in a PDF file
Support JPEG2000, JPEG, Flate compression for Color images in a PDF file
Support JPEG, Flate compression for Grayscale images in a PDF file
Support CCITT G4, Flate compression for Monochrome images in a PDF file
* Replace/Append keywords field to existing PDF file
* Replace/Append custom properties to existing PDF file

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