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Менеджер видеоколлекций!

Дата публикации: 02.11.2008 - 08:35
MyAllMovies v1.4 + Crack

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Продвинутый удобный менеджер видеоколлекций. Если вы тратите много времени на управление коллекциями DVD, DivX, VCD, Hi8 и VHS, MyAllMovies поможет Вам организовать хранение и управление видео.

MyAllMovies is tool which gives you control over growing movie collection. If you spend more and more time managing collection of DVDs, DivXs, VCDs, Hi8 and VHS tapes... then MyAllMovies can give you helping hand.

In short it makes a list of movies -- adding movies to the list is quick because all movie details are downloaded from the internet. The result can be sorted, searched, grouped, exported to HTML and printed.

Add some movies

Easy steps let you add movies by retrieving movie information from various online information sources. You can search the info sources in 2 ways:
- By typing the movie title
- By typing the IMDB ID code of the movie

Just follow the simple steps and let the program download all data for you, including the cover pictures and movie posters, no typing needed.

View, sort and search

After entered a number of movies you can view the list on the main screen, e.g. as a simple list of all movies. It is also possible to browse collection of movies viewing them grouped by format or by genre or by other fields and even combination of fields.

The list section of the screen shows a list with multiple columns (you can choose between >80 available columns).

Using the Find feature you can search for any value in any field, e.g. find all movies with the word "mile" in the title. You can even make combinations of search criteria, e.g. find all DVD movies that have the word "mile" in the title and actor "Hanks" plays with.

You may aslo use quick search, letter search or single field search.

Export and print movies

Current visible movie list (searched and sorted as you wanted) can be exported to HTML and printed from explorer window.

Track loans

Use loan history to track all loans with dates of borrow and return, and borrowed and overdued days number. No longer wandering who is holding my movie and how long it takes him to return my proprietary.

Use custom fields

You need some extra field? No problem, you can define up to 8 for a movie and up to 3 for an actor custom fields, name them and use them. This extra fields can be searched, grouped, sorted and printed like any other regular fields.

Share database with friends

AllMyMovies database can be opened by more than one user and the same time. Just drop database to shared directory at server and let multiple users access it. MyAllMovies is designed to handle it proprietry (refresh button [F5] may be usefull).

You can also import/expot movies from/to other MyAllMovies databases, it should help you merge diffrent movie collections.

Large database support

MyAllMovies can easily handle database with hundreds and thousands of movies, it still sutains speed comfort when database grows.

Download (~2 Mb): http://myallmovies.co...vies_setup.exe

MyAllMovies ver 1.6.3

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