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Качалка и просмотрщик веб-сайтов, offline browsing

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MetaProducts Offline Explorer Enterprise v5.3.2908 7 mb

12/11/2008 - Offline Explorer Enterprise 5.3.2908:
- Improved huge files loaded size display in the connections panel
- Improved links detection in the OPTION tag
- Added BitTorrent Downloads dialog to the View tab of the Ribbon
- Added reconnect to BitTorrent peer after 3 data packet errors
- Added Chrome browser bookmarks support
- Improved BitTorrent download end detection
- Added ability to mark links as NoFollow when using Online Links Translation
- Improved loading .torrent files with non-ASCII symbols in filename
- Improved URL Omissions when excluding a directory and URL does not have ending slash
- Improved file modification checks
- Added code to keep BASE HREF tag intact when No Links Translation is selected
- Added Apply button to the Options dialog
- Added history for the Properties - Test URL feature
- Improved compatibility with java-scripted menus
- Added ability to resize BitTorrent files selection dialog
- Improved download of multi-file torrents
- Added Optimize Search Index button to the Ribbon - Advanced tab
- Improved storing URL Substitutes rules in a text file
- Added popup menu to the BitTorrent dialog - files list
- Improved parsing javascript menus
- Bug Fix: Fixed saving BitTorrent parts when file is temporarily busy
- Bug Fix: Fixed tooltip issue on the BitTorrent download progress screen
- Bug Fix: Fixed export when links contain /../ after ? symbol
- Bug Fix: Fixed slow reading of BitTorrent peers file
- Bug Fix: Fixed File Access Denied error during the Export
- Bug Fix: Fixed downloading from torrents with over 10000 pieces
- Bug Fix: Fixed some Ribbon issues
- Bug Fix: Fixed browsing links with ( and ) symbols
- Bug Fix: Fixed error when testing a URL in Properties - URL Omissions
- Bug Fix: Fixed using ESC key in the Options dialog - Appearance section - hotkey field

Offline Explorer Enterprise v5.3.2932 SR1

Что нового в версии 5.3.2932 от 13.01.2009:
• Added edit context menu to the Address bar of the Internal browser
• Improved removing folders during uninstall
• Improved XML files detection in the Export
• Improved Apply Template dialog to copy Indexing settings
• Improved URL Omissions when URL has ending slash and rule ends with /default.htm
• Improved localization of the BitTorrent details dialog
• Added ability to specify non-integer delays between downloads, like 0.3-3.2
• Improved loading file:// links with national symbols
• Improved parsing flashvars parameters in scripts
• Added SkipParsingBefore= URLs field command
• Added ability to specify folder for BitTorrent download
• Disabled some adverticement scripts that prevented offline browsing
• Improved ExportListOfLoadedFiles= URLs field command
• Improved localization of the Ribbon/Menu selection dialog
• Improved file modification checks
• Bug Fix: Fixed changing Internet proxy override settings
• Bug Fix: Fixed error when exiting after BitTorrent download
• Bug Fix: Fixed errors in the Apply Template dialog
• Bug Fix: Fixed File Modification - Check File Size when server doesn''t return file length
• Bug Fix: Fixed index out of bounds error during downloads
• Bug Fix: Fixed removing Project from Sequencer when it is deleted
• Bug Fix: Fixed downloading URLs with ending spaces in directories
• Bug Fix: Fixed memory leak when loading MMS streams
• Bug Fix: Fixed reverting very long filenames to online URLs

Offline Explorer Enterprise 5.4.2958

Что нового в версии 5.4.2958 от 13.02.2009:
• Added LogFile= URLs field command
• Added LogFilter= URLs field command
• Improved browsing HTML forms offline
• Improved file modification checks when "Check file size" is used
• Improved checking integrity for torrent downloads
• Improved pre-processing complex script expressions
• Improved BitTorrent behavior when peer is choking
• vImproved parsing encoded scripts
• Improved extracting scripted links
• Improved code to treat www.server.com and server.com as the same starting server
• Improved files indexing stability
• Added warning to the Options dialog when Download Directory path is too long
• Added MMS and MMST video files indexing
• Added Windows Media files indexing when downloading using RTSP
• Added Email= URLs field command to specify alternative address for completion report
• Improved Ribbon interface
• Improved RTSP media stream ending detection
• Bug Fix: Fixed setting non-integer delay between downloads on non-English systems
• Bug Fix: Fixed creating default.htm file for torrent downloads
• Bug Fix: Fixed flickering in the BitTorrent download progress window
• Bug Fix: Fixed application name display issue in the About box - description text
• Bug Fix: Fixed creating useless directories when downloading BitTorrent files
• Bug Fix: Fixed localization issue in the Options dialog
• Bug Fix: Fixed RTSP downloads of Windows Media files
• Bug Fix: Fixed parsing Windows Media files loaded by RTSP

OC: Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista
Интерфейс: многоязычный / русский
Лекарство: есть в архиве
Размер: 7,08 Мб

Скачать Offline Explorer Enterprise 5.4.2958

Ifolder_ _ _ _ _Letitbit_ _ _ _ _Filefactory_ _ _ _ _Rapidshare
MetaProducts Offline Explorer Enterprise v5.5.2994 Multilingual

Что нового в пятой версии:
» Добавлен новый пользовательский интерфейс в стиле MS Office 2007, а также возможность переключения на старый
» Добавлены дополнительные макросы для обработки ссылок
» Появилась возможность редактировать параметры задания из очереди
» Теперь можно скопировать ссылки из контекстного меню окна протоколирования
» Добавлены новые опции
» Улучшено отображение длинных имен файлов
» Улучшена обработка кодированных файлов формата .js
» Добавлена кнопка вызова справки
» Улучшена фильтрация ссылок
» Исправлено около восьми различных ошибок

Операционная система: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista.
Язык интерфейса: Multilanguage / Русский

7.14 Mb
Offline Explorer Enterprise v5.6.3082 SR 1 7,75 mb

Change in version:

· Improved workaround for the system limit of per-server connections
· Added ability to select and copy text of the version in the About dialog
· Improved parsing scripts
· Added ability to specify report.txt creation in AutoExport= line
· Added line/symbol counter on the Internal editor toolbar
· Added support for IMG SRCOVER= tags
· Improved BitTorrent download screen
· Added opening file with double-click in the files list of BitTorrent download screen
· Improved processing Content-Disposition to prevent overwriting files with same names
· Added restore of backed up file dates
· Improved preserving symbols case in scripts during export
· Added ability to ban BitTorrent peers
· Added multiselect to the BitTorrent files list
· Bug Fix: Fixed Alt+F4 issue
· Bug Fix: Fixed localization of Mixed Links Translation mode description
· Bug Fix: Fixed keeping "Create report.txt" box state in the Export dialog
· Bug Fix: Fixed parsing scripted regular expressions

Offline Explorer Enterprise 5.8.3174 SR1

What's new in version 5.8.3174 SR1:
  • Added SkipParsingBefore2= URLs field command that removes the specified text as well
  • Added support for links on SharePoint Web sites
  • Improved support for Unicode-encoded links in scripts
  • Improved performance when parsing scripts
  • Improved registration key detection in MS IE 8.0
  • Improved Ctrl+T behavior to open a new browser tab
  • Added support Ctrl+click on a link in a browser to open it in a new tab
  • Improved decoding encrypted scripts with Unicode symbols
  • Added Ctrl+Shift+V support in the browser address bar to paste and go to the URL
  • Bug Fix: Fixed multi-line text paste into the Internal browser address bar
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Windows Media via RTSP audio stream downloads
  • Bug Fix: Fixed export of HTTPS sites with links to other protocols
  • Bug Fix: Fixed abnormal download abort with some registration keys
  • Bug Fix: Fixed displaying registration name in UTF8 encoding
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a rare FTP data retrieval error
Интерфейс: ML / Русский
ОС: Windows All

Скачать: ~ 9.07 MB
Offline Explorer Enterprise 5.8.3196 SR2

Что нового:
Improved encoded scripts support
Improved support for links with Chinese symbols
Improved attempts to connect different RTSP ports via HTTP proxy
Added retries of tracker servers when they return 1 or less peers
Added BitTorrent threads helping slow ones
Improved Flash video parameters processing
Improved downloading images with non-standard extensions
Improved Content Filters when files are GZipped
Added search for Projects and Files using F3 key
Bug Fix: Fixed Release Notes/License dialogs on screens with large fonts
Bug Fix: Fixed errors when viewing search results with HTML frames
Bug Fix: Fixed MMS downloads support from naxos.com servers
Bug Fix: Fixed HTTP proxy authentication when downloading RTSP streams
Bug Fix: Fixed concurrent connections to the same server issue
Bug Fix: Fixed BitTorrent Abort and Ban feature
Bug Fix: Fixed issue with empty filenames in some .torrent files
Bug Fix: Fixed AcceptLanguage= URLs field command
Bug Fix: Fixed stopping a Project with over 2000 files in the parsing queue
Bug Fix: Fixed GZIP-related file errors
Bug Fix: Fixed Internal server when browsing files with { and } symbols
Bug Fix: Fixed browsing links from Map which contain session IDs in URLs

Тип лицензии: Shareware
Тип активации: Сначала Patch, затем кейген
Интерфейс: Multilanguage

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Offline Explorer Enterprise v5.9.3228

MetaProducts Offline Explorer Enterprise v 5.9.3284 SR2 ML RUS

Платформа: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Язык интерфейса: multilingual (русский)
Лекарство: patch + key
10.3 Mb
Твой софтовый форум
Offline Explorer Enterprise 5.9.3374 SR5

Offline Explorer - мощнейшая программа, позволяющая скачивать как отдельные файлы, так и целые веб-сайты (HTTP, FTP и HTTPS) на жесткий диск для их последующего оффлайн просмотра как на отдельном компьютере, так и пользователями целой локальной сети. Используя Offline Explorer Enterprise, вы можете одновременно качать неограниченное количество выбранных вами Web, FTP и HTTPS сайтов для дальнейшей работы с ними. Offline Explorer Enterprise содержит веб-утилиты для легкого и быстрого редактирования, просмотра или поиска скачиваемых страниц во встроенном веб-браузере.

Поддерживается создание проектов, практически, неограниченного размера; полная автоматизация скачивания с широкими возможностями по настройки фильтров для выборочной загрузки только нужных файлов, загрузку сайтов можно регулировать используя многочисленные настройки проектов, разрешать или запрещать адреса с помощью ключевых слов, ограничивать длительность загрузки по времени, по размеру информации или количеству файлов; имеются средства редактирования загруженных веб-страниц и свой собственный просмотрщик созданных коллекций сайтов; поддерживается OLE Automation и множество других функции, включая поддержку новейших веб-технологий (например, загрузку потокового audio/video). Возможна интеграция программы с Internet Explorer, Netscape и Opera; интерфейс - многоязычный.

What's New in This Release:

* Improved links extraction from FlashVars parameters
* Added JSON files parsing
* Improved MIME type of /report.csv link in the Internal server
* Improved finding links in scripts
* Improved finding video links with spaces
* Added IMainOE.ProjectExporting and IOEProject.IsExporting properties
* Improved scripts processing
* Improved converting slash symbols in scripts
* Bug Fix: Fixed memory leak when limiting the download speed
* Bug Fix: Fixed new version checks when About dialog is active
* Bug Fix: Fixed specifying high size limits for project download
* Bug Fix: Fixed showing Wizard when Properties dialog is active

Скачать Offline Explorer Enterprise 5.9.3374 SR5 (9,29 МБ)
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