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PDF2CHM v2.1.0.0


Конвертор документов PDF to CHM !

Дата публикации: 02.01.2009 - 16:12
PDF2CHM v2.0 + Crack

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Конвертор документов PDF to CHM.

PDF Conversion Series - PDF2CHM is easy solution. With PDF2CHM, you can easy convert pages in PDF to CHM file to read or publish. So you never worry about can't read your pdf files in a new condition.

PDF2CHM Key Features

Convert the specified topics in PDF file to CHM file.
Do not need Adobe software support.
Accurately preserves Text, Tables, Graphics & Layout.
Supports PDF1.5 protocol.
Drag and Drop supported to convert a PDF file to a CHM file.
PDF2CHM can build your result CHM content tree by PDF bookmark.
Conversion of vector graphics into image files.
Support 4 types of image format.
The quality of JPEG file can be customed.
Convert outer fonts into text and embedded fonts into images.
Support hyperlinks from PDF file to HTML file.
Support encrypted PDF file.
Microsoft Office XP Style and Microsoft Office 2003 Style theme supported.
Build-in simple HTML Editor to edit the HTML file directly.

Download (~1,390 Kb): http://www.dawningsof...2chm_setup.exe

PDF2CHM v2.1.0.0

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