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Memtest86 Pro 8.4


тестирование памяти, memory testing software for x86 PC

Дата публикации: 10.04.2020 - 20:39
PassMark Memtest86 Pro

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Одна из лучших программ для тестирования памяти.
Распространяется в виде:
образа загрузочного CD
комплекта для создания загрузочной дискеты под DOS/Windows
комплекта для создания загрузочного USB Flash носителя

MemTest86 is the original, free, stand alone memory testing software for x86 computers. MemTest86 boots from a USB flash drive or CD and tests the RAM in your computer for faults using a series of comprehensive algorithms and test patterns.
Main Features
The latest version of MemTest86 supports all the current technologies, including
13 different RAM testing algorithms
DDR4 RAM (and DDR2 & DDR3) support
XMP - high performance memory profiles
UEFI - The new graphical standard for BIOS
64bit - From version 5, MemTest86 is native 64bit code
ECC RAM - support for error-correcting code RAM
Secure boot - With MemTest86 being code signed by Microsoft
Graphical interface, mouse support and logging of results to disk
Foreign language support (Chinese, German & more)
Self booting off USB or CD, without needing DOS, Linux nor Windows
Network (PXE) boot - Scalable, disk-less provisioning from a single PXE server
Dual booting - Will boot to V4 in BIOS and V7 in UEFI from a single flash drive

скачать бесплатно / free download Memtest86 Pro 8.4 (full) ~ 8 Mb

ISO Memtest86 Pro 8.3
MemTest 3.6

MemTest Version 3.6 is now available. It features a new testing technique which checks RAM twice as fast as in version 2.x. MemTest Deluxe can now be ordered on a bootable CDROM or on a bootable floppy. Electronic delivery is also an option.

Size: ~ 13 KB

Есть уже версия 4.0

New in version 4.0: The MemTest Deluxe bootable CD now supports 32-bit and 64-bit CPUs.
New in version 3.8: The Pro version now supports command line control of how much RAM to test and when to stop testing, and can automatically spawn multiple copies of MemTest to maximize the amount of RAM tested.

MemTest86 v5.0 Pro Edition

Win\Linux 9.7 Mb

Memtest86 7.5 Pro + crack (full)

Цитата | Quote( Memtest86 )
Version 7.5 5 Feb 2018
    Added check for whether the number of errors exceed a maximum error count. If so, the tests are aborted. This can be configured via the configuration file parameter MAXERRCOUNT. By default the value is 10000
    Added support for Russian language
    Added new configuration file parameter EXITMODE for specifying whether to shutdown or reboot the system on exit
    Added support for reporting to Management Console (https://www.passmark.c...gtconsole.htm) via XML messages over TFTP (Site Edition only). The status of MemTest86 is periodically reported to the management console
    Added new configuration file parameter TFTPSERVERIP for specifying a different TFTP server IP address for sending report files and reporting to the management console (Site Edition only)
    Added workaround for retrieving configuration files from TFTP servers that don't support the 'get file size' TFTP command (Site Edition only)
    Added workaround for Serva bug when overwriting a file on the TFTP server (Site Edition only)
    Fixed bug with generated HTML/XML files that require character escaping
    Added workaround when firmware EFI_GET_TIME function fails to retrieve the time correctly. A warning is also written to the log file
    Added new flag DISABLE_CONCTRL to blacklist for console control workarounds for older firmware
    Fixed 'ALL' BIOS versions not being parsed properly in blacklist
    Updated blacklist.cfg file with additional baseboards with known issues
    Added more robust detection of CPU hyperthreads
    Added ECC detection support for Intel Skylake-SP chipsets
    Added ECC detection/injection support for AMD Ryzen chipsets
    Added warning message to log file when ECC injection is locked on Atom C2000 chipsets
    Fixed bug with ECC error reporting on Intel Xeon E3 chipsets
    Fixed CPU temperature not being shown for Intel Apollo Lake, Skylake-X and Broadwell-E chipsets
    Added preliminary support for retrieving CPU info for Intel Cannon Lake/Knights Mill chipsets
    Fixed bug with retrieving the number of boosted P-states in AMD chipsets
    Fixed CPU temperature not being read properly on AMD 15h (model >= 40h) chipsets

Win-Linux iso
MemTest86 Pro 8 + crack (full version)

Цитата | Quote( PassMark MemTest86 8 )
New Features
    Added ability to save/overwrite current configuration to the mt86.cfg file. This can be done under the 'Settings' screen
    Initial support for KingTiger iMS functionality. In the medium term, this will allow bad RAM addresses to be localized and removed from service, possibly fixing memory errors caused by defective RAM sticks
    Added language support for Polish
    Added new configuration file parameter CONSOLEONLY which forces MemTest86 to run using the console only (ie. no graphics). This allows for systems without graphics support (eg. serial console)
    Added new configuration file parameter SAMESPDPARTNO to check whether the part numbers of all detected SPDs match
    Added new configuration file parameter EXACTSPDS to specify the number of detected SPD modules to match before allowing the tests to begin. This parameter overrides MINSPDS if set.
    Added options to set MINSPDS and EXACTSPDS in the main menu. This can be done by selecting 'View detailed RAM (SPD) info' in the 'System Info' screen
    Improved Test 12 test coverage by alternating between temporal/non-temporal store/load intrinsics. This change allow MemTest86 to detect some previously undetectable RAM errors.
    Added support for memory error triggering and logging for logic analyzers such as Logic Analyzer Keysight U4164A. Before the test is started, the memory address of the structure where errors are logged is displayed on screen to allow for configuration of the logic analyzer. When memory errors are detected, the pattern 0xDEADBEEF and error details are written to a predefined structure. This triggering/logging mechanism is enabled via configuration file parameter TRIGGERONERR.


hack не требуется, полная версия
MemTest86 Pro 8.1 + crack (full)

Цитата | Quote( MemTest86 8.1 Pro )
    Added version information and total CPU threads to test summary screen
    Increased maximum number of CPU threads to 256
    Added text colour to error messages during testing
    Added Mac Mini 2018 to blacklist which sets the lower address limit to 0x1000 by default
    Fixed bug in detection of hyperthreads when the number of CPU threads exceeds the maximum
    Fixed incorrect JEDEC manufacture names (Bank 10)
    Fixed missing RAM part number / serial number obtained from SMBIOS in HTML report
    Fixed incorrect channel/slot number for ECC errors on Skylake-SP chipsets
    Fixed bug in specifying the number of test passes for Free version

hack не требуется, полная версия
MemTest86 Pro 8.2 + crack (full)
Build 1000

Added REPORTPREFIX configuration file parameter to specify the prefix text to use for the report files
Added TEST12_SINGLECPU flag to blacklist.cfg to force test 12 to run in single CPU mode as a workaround for CPU threads hanging in PARALLEL mode
Added DISABLE_LANG flag to blacklist.cfg to disable language support and font support, which is known to cause issues on some Dell systems
Changed the blacklist.cfg RESTRICT_ADDR flag lower address limit from 0x1000 to 0x100000, as some systems experience issues when writing to the BIOS area (up to 0xFFFFF)
Fixed bug with blacklist.cfg RESTRICT_ADDR flag not setting the lower address limit properly
Fixed buffer overrun bugs detected by HeapGuard when measuring memory latency
Fixed fluctuations in memory/cache speed measurements
Fixed UI issues with System Information screen
Changed "red" error text to "light red" for better readability
Fixed CPU temperature readings for several AMD Ryzen chipsets
Added reporting of Module Manufacturer's Specific Data in DDR4 SPD modules to PXE server for use with Management Console (Site Edition only)
Fixed timing issues with retrieving SPD data on Skylake-X chipset
Fixed decoding of DDR4 SPD Post Package Repair (PPR) (Byte 9)
Fixed decoding of DDR4 SPD Secondary SDRAM Package Type (Byte 10)
PassMark MemTest86 Pro 8.3 + crack (cracked)

Цитата | Quote(Version 8.3 22/Nov/2019)
    Added AUTOREPORT configuration file parameter to enable/disable automatic saving of test results HTML report when AUTOMODE is enabled
    Added TFTPSTATUSSECS configuration file parameter to set the period to send status XML updates to TFTP server (for management console)
    Modified behaviour for detection of duplicate errors. Errors with the same address (and bits) but occur in different tests are no longer considered to be duplicate.
    Fixed hang when CPU does not support SSE4.1 instructions when running Test 12
    Fixed MINSPDS and EXACTSPDS configuration file parameters being incorrectly set when saving current configuration settings to file
    Fixed escaping of characters in XML messages to TFTP server (for management console)
    Fixed invalid XML tag in XML messages to TFTP server (for management console)
    Report is now automatically saved before the end of test prompt when AUTOMODE=2 is set in configuration file
    Fixed incorrect reference to blacklist flag 'TEST12_ONECPU' (correct flag is 'TEST12_SINGLECPU')
    Updated Russian translations (courtesy of Victor Lutz)
    Added better sanity checking for SPD bytes
    Updated JEDEC manufacture list to JEP106AZ (May 2019)
    Fixed channel mapping for Apollo Lake ECC detection
    Fixed ECC detection for certain Intel Skylake-SP chipsets

Memtest86 Pro 8.3 ISO

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