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Perfect Keyboard Pro 9.3.2


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Дата публикации: 19.12.2020 - 11:24
Perfect Keyboard Professional

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Perfect Keyboard - Позволяет создавать файл с часто используемыми фразами, параграфами, почтовыми адресами, макросами, комбинациями, скриптами и т.д. и использовать их во время работы, печатая вместо всего текста только специальные аббревиатуры или "горячие клавиши". Поддерживает возможность записи макросов, имеет удобный скриптовый язык и другие возможности.

Perfect Keyboard is an autotext and text expander macro software for Windows. It allows user to easily create, manage, share and record macros. It is possible to create macros that:
Key Features
Easy to use three-pane interface that allows you to organize macros logically into groups.
On-line help with many examples demonstrating how to use each macro command.
Drag & drop to simply copy/move macros and macro groups.
Wizard that will guide you to easily add new macro.
You can password protect your content sensitive macros.
If you are connected to a network you can share macros with your colleagues.
Macros that can work in all Windows applications.
Macro recorder allows you to record sequence of your mouse clicks and/or keystrokes instead of inserting them manually.
Visual tools to create and edit macros. You do not need to write a line of code nor know the macro command syntax!
Adjustable macro playback speed.
Macro debugger.
150+ commands that allow you to write macros to manipulate files, directories, FTP, clipboard, text, internet, windows, networking and more.
Support for formatted text, pictures, tables, etc. Type shortcut and formatted text or logo is inserted to your word processor.
VBA compatible Basic scripting language coming with advanced editor, dialog editor and debugger.
Starting macro both using short abbreviation (text shortcut) or hotkey.
Application specific macros that can behave differently in different applications.

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- Use key codes in <waitfor> and <if_key> commands.
- Simplified and improved UI.
- Macro execution speed improvements.
- German/Deutsch language added.
- Many fixes and smaller improvements.

Perfect Keyboard Professional 9.3 + crack (license patch)

Цитата | Quote(Perfect Keyboard 9.3)
Added commands to read/write database using ODBC. The commands allow to use database data within macros.
<mm> mouse move command was extended for a time parameter that allows to simulate a smooth mouse move.
Added command <ctrl_down>, <ctrl_up>, <alt_down>, <alt_up>,... The commands are used in macro recorder. The commands make macro easier to read.
Playback speed fixes.
Several stability fixes.
Many macro toolbars fixes and improvements.
Forms ( <form_item> command ) now return also an index of the item selected in combo box.
Several hint window fixes.
Large macros speed improvements.
Several user interface improvements.
Excel close command fix.
Macro recorder was improved to better keep track on windows the macro is played back in.
Mouse wheel recording fixed.
Several new folder related system variables (such as _vFolder_OneDrive, _vFolder_Downloads).
Added an option (program settings) to better control text insertion through clipboard.
Many other fixes and improvements.

Perfect Keyboard Pro 9.3.2 + crack (patch)

Stability issue fixed.

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