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Antenna Web Design Studio 7.1


Веб-редактор, powerful web design software

Дата публикации: 13.06.2020 - 14:53
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Antenna Web Design Studio

описание (ru) Antenna Web Design Studio - Веб-редактор, который имеет понятный интерфейс и легко осваивается как профессионалами так и новичками за счет большого количества помощников (wizards). Позволяет создавать полностью готовые веб-сайты, которые используют последние достижения сайтостроительства: слои, прозрачность, различные эффекты и события. Имеется встроенный ftp для закачки сайта в интернет.

description (en) Antenna Web Design Studio - Website Creation

Design great looking web sites rapidly with Antenna, powerful web design software. Create a professional web site to promote yourself or your company. Publish your site online or distribute as an interactive CV. Be seen - make a good impression - get noticed!

You can create your own web pages and digital photo galleries in minutes, without any HTML knowledge. Antenna's powerful editor is entirely visual, giving you pixel accurate control. Wherever you drag & drop text, pictures, buttons, animation and movies on the page, that's exactly where they will appear in the web browser. With Dual Layout Responsive you can cater for desktop and mobile too.

When you are ready to publish your site, you won't need to buy any additional software - Antenna has its own publisher built in, and can publish changes only, updating your site very quickly.

You can also design smooth gradient backgrounds and attractive glossy buttons without switching between applications - it's all built in! Give yourself a competitive edge and dip your toes into the international scene at any time - make any part of your web site multilingual. And if you need a hand there's free online tutorials, expert tips, a comprehensive illustrated user guide & free tech support.

Interface languages: En
OS: Windows 10/8/7 (32bit-64bit)
Homepage: www.stormdance.net
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Antenna enables you to design and develop great looking professional web sites rapidly - without any coding or HTML knowledge. Using transparent layers, master pages and pixel accurate positioning, Antenna makes web site building a visual experience - more like using an art or desktop publishing package, instead of programming. Now you can concentrate on aesthetics and design - instead of spending hours just trying to make your HTML code work - have fun and make your site look stunning!

Link (~5 Mb): http://homepage.ntlwo...ds/antenna.exe

Antenna Web Design Studio 6
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Antenna Web Design Studio v4.0

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design and develop great looking professional web sites rapidly

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