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PDF-XChange PRO 8.0.339


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Дата публикации: 13.05.2020 - 18:53
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PDF-XChange Pro 8.0.338 + crack (patched)

Fixed issue with Ctrl+C shortcut handling.
Fixed issue with disappeared warning-message before deleting selected objects in Thumbnails, Bookmarks, Attachments, Named Destinations.
Fixed issue with auto showing the pop-ups for newly created text-markup annotations (Highlight, Underline, Strikeout, etc).
Fix for Exclusive mode for the Hand tool that interfered with the Full Screen mode Navigation bar (bar was un-clickable).
Fixed the disappearing document panes during sharing the Editor's window via Microsoft Teams meeting.
Fixed issue with pop-up menu shadows under Microsoft Teams session (strange white thin bars were instead of normal thin shadows).
Fixed trouble with un-selectable Squiggly-annotations.
Fixed issue with 3D Plugin on 64-bit Windows without d3dx9_43.dll.
Fixed issue with some digital certificates for signing PDF documents.
Placing signatures and signing documents now is available in free version of the Editor.

PDF XChange Pro 8.0.339 + crack (patched)

Fixed an issue with content disappearing after some time after content modification.
Fixed an issue with decoding 2- and 4-bpp JPX-images.
Fixed an issue with copying links/bookmarks with GoTo actions.
Fixed an issue with registrating Shell Extension during product updates under certain circumstances.
Fixed an issue with disappearing content on some panes in a document's view (gray screen problem).
Fixed a rare issue wrelated to moving pane-splitters inside the document view (somtimes user might have beeen unable to reduce the width/height of side panels).
Fixed an issue with Drag-And-Droping panes around theh Pages View when split/spreasheet mode was enabled - it was almost imposible to drop any pane around the spreasheet.
Fixed a minor issue with drawing the PanZoom-view when no document is opened (small visual artefacts might be present).
Fixed an issue with the R-Click menu for selected comments (there was a conflict with "Select Images/Text" for Hand tool).
Fixed an issue with the correct state of the Delete command inside the Comments pane when it had selected a locked comment(s).
Fixed an issue with updating the Spellcheck-dictionaries.
Fixed a bug in the Editor shell extensions which could crash Windows Explorer in some rare cases.


PDF-XChange Editor Plus 8.0.339.0 Portable

Удален Live Update, Help, интеграции в браузеры, PDF-принтер

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Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4

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