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Dovecot 2.0.9


IMAP и POP3 сервер

Дата публикации: 13.01.2011 - 19:45
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ph34r.gif Dovecot 1.0.0

Почти после 5 лет разработки, наконец-то, вышла первая стабильная версия быстрого и безопасного IMAP и POP3 сервера Dovecot.
Написанная с упором на безопасность (автор предлагает 1000 евро тому, кто первый сообщит о найденной уязвимости), Dovecot, тем не менее, является одним из самых высокопроизводительных IMAP серверов. Dovecot поддерживает работу с почтовыми ящиками формата mbox и Maildir. Имеется полная поддержка IMAP4rev1 и POP3. Есть поддержка IPv6, SSL, TLS, а также самых широко используемых расширений IMAP, включая SORT, THREAD и IDLE.

ph34r.gif Dovecot 1.0.1

ph34r.gif Dovecot 1.0.5

Dovecot 1.0.9

v1.0.9 released

+ Maildir: Don't wait on dovecot-uidlist.lock when we just want to
find out a new filename for the message.
- mbox: v1.0.8 changes sometimes caused FETCH to fail with
"got too little data", disconnecting the client.
- Fixed a memory leak when FETCHing message header/body multiple
times within a command (e.g. BODY[1] BODY[2])
- IMAP: Partial body fetching was still slow with mboxes

Size: ~ 1.71 MB


Dovecot 1.1 beta 11

v1.1.beta11 released
This one should be the last beta release before the first v1.1 release

I'll try to stay away from this list and Dovecot in general for the next
1,5 weeks. I've several exams coming up and I should have started
studying for them days ago already.. smile.gif

The main things left in my TODO are:

- Squat indexes should handle expunges
- Lucene indexes are broken
- See if \recent flag handling could be fixed for maildir/mbox (it
works for dbox though)
- Some other minor things which I'll do if I have time, but won't block
v1.1.0 release.

Changes since beta10:

- One major performance issue found and fixed. This was the main reason
why we weren't yet in release candidate stage.
- configure --with-package now gives an error if it can't find the
necessary libs/headers for the package. Use --with-package=auto for the
old behavior.
- Memory leak fixes
- Convert plugin fixes. Conversion is now done to namespace with INBOX.
- Changes to handling group adding/removing to processes. Hopefully
didn't break anything.
- Message flag/keyword searches are now faster
- Fixes/optimizations to handling SORT. After building initial indexes,
my 260k mail mailbox sorts in about 0.01 seconds. smile.gif
- Fixes to searching mails with unknown charsets/invalid data
- deliver_log_format setting

Size: ~ 2.09 MB

ph34r.gif dovecot 1.1.3

This fixes several mbox problems previous v1.1 releases have had.

* mail_max_userip_connections limit no longer applies to master user

+ login_log_format_elements: Added %k to show SSL protocol/cipher
information. Not included by default.
+ imap/pop3-proxy: If auth_verbose=yes, log proxy login failures.
+ deliver: Added -s parameter to autosubscribe to autocreated mailboxes.
- message parser fixes - hopefully fixes an infinite looping problem
- SORT: One more assert-crashfix when renumbering index sort IDs.
- mbox: Saving may have truncated the mail being saved
- mbox: Several other bugfixes
- mail_full_filesystem_access=yes was broken when listing mailboxes
(it still is with maildir++ layout).
- maildirlock utility was somewhat broken
- zlib plugin: bzip2 support was somewhat broken
- NFS: Make sure writing to files via output streams don't
assert-crash when write() returns only partial success.

Downloads (~2,3 Mb)_http://www.dovecot.or...t-1.1.3.tar.gz
ph34r.gif dovecot 1.1.4

- SORT: Yet another assert-crashfix when renumbering index sort IDs.
- ACL plugin fixes: Negative rights were actually treated as positive rights. 'k' right didn't prevent creating parent/child/child mailbox. ACL groups weren't working.
- Maildir++ quota: Fixes to rebuilding when quota limit wasn't specified in Dovecot (0 limit or limit read from maildirsize).
- mbox: Several bugfixes causing errors and crashes.
- Several fixes to expire plugin / expire-tool.
- lock_method=dotlock could have deadlocked with itself.
- Many error handling fixes and log message improvements.

Downloads (~2,3 Mb)_http://www.dovecot.or...t-1.1.4.tar.gz
ph34r.gif dovecot 1.1.12

Downloads (~2,3 Mb)_http://www.dovecot.or...-1.1.12.tar.gz
ph34r.gif dovecot 1.1.13

- v1.1.12's MAILBOXDIR changes broke accessing mails in some setups
- v1.1.12's login_executable -D checking changes caused dovecot to crash at startup if protocols setting contained only pop3.
- mbox: pop3_lock_session=yes was broken with mail_privileged_group.

Downloads (~2,3 Mb)_http://www.dovecot.or...-1.1.13.tar.gz
ph34r.gif dovecot 1.1.14

* IMAP: Don't allow APPEND to specify INTERNALDATE more than 2 hours
into future. With Maildir future INTERNALDATEs may mess up
incremental backups.

- Date: header was always being added to cache file when saving
messages, even if clients didn't really want it. This caused
POP3-only users to have dovecot.index.cache file unneededly.
- Character set conversion in specific mails may have caused Dovecot
to allocate all the available memory (in default configuration dying
after having allocated 256 MB). This happened only while searching
- Message address parser didn't handle empty group:; correctly.
- imap/pop3-login: Don't crash when shutting down and destroying
- deliver wasn't using mail_access_groups setting.
- mbox: When doing autodetection, if mbox didn't find an existing mail
directory it just went and created it anyway, instead of failing the
storage creation.
- Fixed some error handling in maildir and index code.

Downloads (~2,3 Mb)_http://www.dovecot.or...-1.1.14.tar.gz
ph34r.gif dovecot 1.1.15

+ IMAP: When multiple commands are pipelined, try harder to combine their mailbox syncing together. For example with Maildir pipelining STORE 1:* +FLAGS \Deleted and EXPUNGE commands the files won't be unnecessarily rename()d before being unlink()ed.
- IMAP: SEARCH command was slower than necessary in a large mailbox.
- deliver: When forwarding messages, if -f parameter was given, it should have been used as the Return-Path.
- Maildir saving: Fixed race condition bugs in uidlist handling, causing files to be given new UIDs sometimes.
- mbox: Don't crash when expunging all messages and file doesn't end with [CR]LF.
- expire-tool: Use mail_uid and mail_gid settings if userdb doesn't return uid/gid.
- Berkeley DB dict: Transaction rollbacking was implemented wrong.
- zlib plugin: Some email / FETCH command combinations could have disconnected the client or sent compressed garbage.

Downloads (~2,3 Mb)_http://www.dovecot.or...-1.1.15.tar.gz
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