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Total Commander 9.51 Final + Portable


файл менеджер TotalCommander, File Manager

Дата публикации: 26.03.2020 - 09:38
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Total Commander 9.21a final + crack (license key)

Цитата | Quote( Total Commander 9.21a )
21.08.18 Release Total Commander 9.21a final (32/64)
18.08.18 Fixed: Compare by content: Disable button "Show only differences" during comparison, otherwise clicking it in the wrong moment could cause a crash (32/64)
16.08.18 Fixed: Ctrl+E and ESC (only with auto-complete+auto-append disabled) no longer worked in command line (32/64)
16.08.18 Fixed: Icons in menus: Selected items could no longer be shown as pressed buttons instead of checkmarks after saving icon options once (32/64)
15.08.18 Fixed: Crash when passing path to zip file to TC (e.g. from external Everything.exe), mostly on 64-bit (32/64)

hack - лицензионный ключ
Mirror / Зеркало
Mirror / Зеркало

password softoroom
Total Commander 9.22 RC1 + crack (key patch)

Цитата | Quote( Release Total Commander 9.22 release candidate 1 (32/64) )
27.02.19 Fixed: String "Search result:" in drive label field wasn't updated when changing language (the fix also updates the current tab, but not other tabs) (32/64)
27.02.19 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Do not warn if local dir contains 2 identical names with different case, e.g. a.txt and A.txt. However, sync functions are limited in this case (32/64)
27.02.19 Fixed: Ctrl+D, add directory to subfolder containing nested subfolders -> it wasn't added at the end of the subfolder, but before the first nested subfolder (32/64)
26.02.19 Fixed: Accessing tab with inaccessible network path can cause a hang when using IgnoreDirErrors=1 (32/64)
26.02.19 Fixed: After uploading zip file to virtual path (e.g. Android device), it could sometimes be opened internally by mistake (32/64)
26.02.19 Added: Included latest unrar dll 5.70.0 from www.rarlab.com (32/64)
22.02.19 Fixed: Handle directory traversal bug in unacev2.dll, affecting only the "unpack all" (Alt+F9) function (32)
17.02.19 Fixed: Shift+F4 dialog: Buttons "Tree" and "Cancel" were incorrect when using Cyrillic translation on English locale (32)
01.02.19 Fixed: Search: Detection of infinite loops in hard links/junctions/reparse points didn't always work (32/64)
23.01.19 Fixed: Couldn't drag directory from separate tree to empty space in tab header to add it (32/64)
21.01.19 Added: Always look in registry for key if no wincmd.key file is found in the supported locations (32/64)
21.01.19 Fixed: ZIP packer: ???? were shown instead of the name when packing to Unicode extra field, and verifying any Unicode mode (32/64)
14.01.19 Fixed: Directory history with shift+mouse wheel not working (64)
14.01.19 Fixed: Lister (F3), internal media player: Window size too small when viewing a lot of mp3 files, so the menu is broken into 2 lines (64)
14.01.19 Fixed: Lister (F3) was ticking the wrong codepage in the "Encoding" menu when opened (64)
14.01.19 Fixed: Folder tabs: when not using multiple lines for tabs, drag & drop of a tab to the opposite panel would add it to the source panel if it had hidden (scrolled) tabs under that position (32/64)
14.01.19 Fixed: Ignore X64Menu option on 32-bit Windows (32)
14.01.19 Fixed: When using X64Menu=1 in 64-bit version, the dialog in context menu - X32 - Configure was very small (64)
12.11.18 Fixed: ZIP packer: An incompressible file slightly smaller than 4GB, resulting in a compressed file >4GB appeared with a size of -1 in the created ZIP (but could still be unpacked) (32/64)
11.11.18 Fixed: Re-upload to FTP after editing now also works when the FTP connection is not displayed in one of the two panels, but still active (32/64)
11.11.18 Fixed: Compare by content, 2 files on the same FTP server but different user names -> edited file could be re-uploaded to the wrong server (32/64)
04.11.18 Fixed: Select all, switch between full and brief view mode: Entire list was scrolled slowly (64)
04.11.18 Fixed: FTP Upload/Download: Selection wasn't cleared when adding files to already opened background transfer manager with F5 - F2 (32/64)
04.11.18 Fixed: Header-encrypted RAR: Open archive, minimize+restore TC, try to unpack file, enter wrong password (remember password checked) -> user isn't asked again for the correct password (32/64)
30.10.18 Fixed: Dual screen, TC on the right screen: Search in separate process, maximize, minimize, restore -> search window had 0*0 pixel size (32/64)
01.10.18 Fixed: FTP error "Command in progress" in special case: Synchronize dirs, compare local dir with ftp, compare by content, edit remote file, save file, close compare tool, re-upload (32/64)
01.10.18 Fixed: Function to check file system links (junctions, reparse points) for infinite loops didn't handle relative paths created e.g. via "mklink /D MyDirLink ..\MyDir" while in directory "C:\MyDir" (32/64)
25.09.18 Fixed: Button bar: cd *.ext (to set custom filter) didn't support Unicode when using separate Left/Right menus (32/64)
24.09.18 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: [f] option didn't work for manually entered text, only for placeholders like [N] -> [f] is now applied for the entire text until the end or the next upper-/lowercase placeholder (32/64)
24.09.18 Fixed: Click on locked tab (directory changes not allowed) showed message about new tab when using TabEnterDirChange=2, but only if it was already the active tab (32)
24.09.18 Fixed: Click on locked tab (directory changes not allowed) showed message about new tab when using TabEnterDirChange=2 (64)
24.09.18 Fixed: Crash when starting external sync tool with /S=S parameter when PreventScrollbarCrash=1 was set (the default on Windows 8.1) (64)
24.09.18 Fixed: Search function: when going through list of old searches with up/down keys while the combobox was closed, the "RegEx" checkmark was only set, not removed (32/64)
24.09.18 Fixed: Search function: when going through list of old searches with up/down keys, the index reverted to the first item when a search with regular expression was encountered (64)
24.09.18 Fixed: Open archive with alternate packer via right click menu (internal association: **ext), then press Ctrl+B -> the default packer was now used (32/64)
23.09.18 Fixed: Crash viewing ICO files containing multiple PNG images (the problem seems to be re-using the TLazReaderPNG) (64)
23.09.18 Fixed: Search in archives by size wouldn't reliably find files >=2GBytes (32/64)
23.09.18 Fixed: Crash unpacking xz-packed zipx archives (because the necessary functions were missing from newer TCMDLZMA.DLL / TCLZMA64.DLL files) (32/64)

hack - патч
Total Commander 9.22 RC2 + crack (license patch)

Цитата | Quote( Total Commander 9.22 )
This is a public pre-release version! Please be careful!
This version mainly patches a security hole in unacev2.dll used for unpacking ACE archives. In RC2, I have refined the patch, so you will not get empty directories in the root either.

hack - патч
Mirror / Зеркало
Mirror / Зеркало

password softoroom
Total Commander 9.22 + crack (license key)

Цитата | Quote( Release Total Commander 9.22 final (32/64) )
12.03.19 Fixed: Copy hidden or system file with older default method (standard unchecked) -> no overwrite warning for hidden/system files for which the normal overwrite dialog was shown (32/64)
12.03.19 Fixed: Overwrite read only confirmation dialog may be shown in the middle of copying instead of at the end (32/64)
11.03.19 Fixed: Overwrite read only file while warning for read only was disabled but for hidden/system enabled -> still read only warning when using the expanded overwrite dialog (32/64)
11.03.19 Fixed: Thumbnail cache: Don't try to save uncompressed thumbnails when saving compressed fails (32/64)
10.03.19 Fixed: Copy hidden or system file with standard method (CopyFileEx) -> no overwrite warning, except when it also had the read only attribute. Can be overridden with OverwriteHidSysNotReadonly=1 (32/64)
08.03.19 Fixed: Possible crash in compiler library when window handle becomes invalid in main window message handler (64)

hack - ключ
Total Commander 9.22a + crack (wincmd.key)

ключ в комплекте
Твой софтовый форум
Total Commander PowerUser v71 — мощнейший инструмент для системных администраторов и продвинутых пользователей, в котором грамотно подобраны программы и плагины. Всё это качественно интегрировано в оболочку Total Commander. Эта сборка включает в себя огромное количество плагинов и всевозможных программ; она имеет возможность загрузки недостающих программ и обновления существующих компонентов из интернета. Важной особенностью является то, что вся сборка выполнена в виде одного установочного файла, что повышает удобство миграции сборки.
Устанавливается сборка автоматически, никаких настроек не требуется, однако выполнять установку нужно от имени администратора.
Информация о релизе:
Твой софтовый форум Дата выхода: 29.08.2019
Твой софтовый форум Разработчик: HA3APET
Твой софтовый форум Интерфейс: Русский
Твой софтовый форум Состояние: Бесплатно
Твой софтовый форум Платформа: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Твой софтовый форум Размер: 247.8 mb
» Cписок портативных программ «
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» Эксклюзивные отличия от других сборок Total Commander «
скачать с mega Total Commander PowerUser v71 Rus
Цитата | Quote(PRYANIK @ 29.03.2019 - 17:47)
Total Commander 9.22a + crack (wincmd.key)

ключ в комплекте


Ключ не рабочий. Пишет "ключ обнаружен в общем доступе на обменниках".
Цитата | Quote(softget @ 24.09.2019 - 18:20)
Ключ не рабочий. Пишет "ключ обнаружен в общем доступе на обменниках".

Данный ключ работает у меня почти полгода, никаких нареканий...
проверил свежую установку, всё отлично:
» Нажмите, для открытия спойлера | Press to open the spoiler «
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Цитата | Quote(kotmur @ 24.09.2019 - 23:24)
Не появляется ссылка на скачивание

подробней, какая ссылка, браузер\блокировщики? Если отключен "рефер" (источник перехода), ссылки работать не будут.
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