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Дата публикации: 02.11.2010 - 08:46
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Dr. DivX™ Encoding Application 1.0.6

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Dr. DivX™ is an all-in-one video creation package that lets you create DivX® video from any source right on your computer in just 3 easy steps. Dr. DivX comes bundled with the DivX Pro™ codec - a US $19.99 value and the highest-performance video codec in the world - so you can enjoy all its advanced encoding features. At this time, Dr. DivX is available in an English language version only.

Turn Any File into DivX Video
Back up DVDs*: Compress a full movie to fit onto one CD-R
Capture television programs: Archive all your favorite episodes
Convert digital video camera footage to DivX video with 25:1 savings: Share home movies with family and friends
The Easiest Way to Create DivX Video
Dr. DivX was designed to let anyone from the widest eyed newbie to the most grizzled expert create high-quality DivX video from any source in just 3 easy steps. Just choose your video, select your settings and click encode. Once encoded into DivX video, you can store entire video libraries on your hard drive without gobbling up precious storage space.

Now you can post your video online, burn it to a CD or email it to your friends. And, with a DivX® Certified DVD player, you can watch your DivX movies right on your living room TV.

Create DivX Videos for DivX® Certified Devices
DivX video isn't just for your PC anymore. The DivX Certified encoding profiles let you create DivX video optimized for playback on a full range of hardware devices. From DVD players to portable devices; Dr. DivX provides the freedom to enjoy DivX content anywhere you can manage to get bored.

От меня
Работая в этой программе мне вспоминается песня Наива Доктор Айболит

,,,,Я по улице иду,
Ножик в сумочке несу
Тот, что на кнопку нажимается
И с шиком открывается....

Проще говаря эта та программа которая может сделать с DivX всё что хочеш. Кстате даже зарипить DvD в AVI быстрея всех программ. Также в ней самы последний кодек.

что ещё сказать если это сказали америкосы

Короче качайте!!!

ph34r.gif Рус. _http://samlab.ru/ruz/drdivx106_gordon.rar
и еще keygen _http://soft.eboot.ru/samlab/drdivx.rar
Dr. DivX v2.00

Dr. DivX is the first and only official DivX Encoding application. Dr. DivX is a useful and complex DivX utility.

Just as DivX and DivX Pro have enabled anyone, anywhere to watch and distribute great looking digital video, this now makes the act of creating DivX video as easy as the act of watching it.
It lets you create an awesome DivX video from almost any source right on your computer in just three easy steps.

· DivX 6


P.S. Пока без кряка.
Если после установки будет просить файлы (drffmpeg.dll и avdsp.dll ), то вот они
или здесь

На счет кряка:
The  Dr. DivX 2.0 Beta is Open Source now!
It's for FREE!
Dr. DivX 2.0 Beta 4

user posted image

Новая версия программы, предназначенной для создания DivX-фильмов. Настройки в программе минимальны, все действия настраиваются в режиме пользовательских диалогов, запутаться практически невозможно. По заявлению разработчиков, это приложение является официальной программой, предназначенной для кодирования видеоданных кодеком DivX. Поддерживаемые аудио форматы: MP3, WAV и AC3. При обработке видео можно выбирать качество звука и видеокартинки: чем лучше качество, тем больше размер файла на выходе. Предусмотрена обработка данных в пакетном режиме и многое другое. Ранее эта программа выпускалась на коммерческой основе, теперь выпускается бесплатно. В этой версии улучшена работа программы в многопрофильном режиме, улучшена обработка звуковой дорожки видеофайла, исправлено несколько мелких ошибок.

Внимание: после загрузки и установки программы, Вам необходимо будет дополнительно скачать 2 файла из нижеследуюшей ссылки - это avdsp.dll (1.4 MB), drffmpeg.dll (2.1 MB) и поместить их в каталог установленной программы. В противном случае программа просто не запустится.
Dr. DivX 2.0.0 Beta 6 Free

Changes in Dr. DivX 2.0.0 Beta 6:
• What's new
o Tool-tip in the job list to know the internal name of the job (to locate the log file)
o Redirect the DrFFMPEG logs to the Job logs (requires DrFFMPEG update) / default level = warning(1)
o Do the various audio and subtitle encodings before the video
o Each encoded audio track can be separately configured
o Italian translation
o Increase the maximum video bitrate to 6 Mbps for High Definition Certification
o Portuguese translation
o Check if the installed DrFFMPEG DLL is compatible with the DrDivX version
o Support for Windows Media Center .dvr-ms files
o More logs from DrFFMPEG to better track bugs
o Reset the log file only when starting a new job (the log is kept when restarting in the middle)
o Audio preview (play, stop, skip forwards and backwards)
• What's Fixed
o Don't do the full analysis during the encoding if it was done during the Advanced setup
o Keep the output filename when going in the metadata dialog
o Unicode friendly metadata saving
o Make all the internal path Unicode friendly (DrDivx can now be run from any directory name)
o Allow resolutions up to 1280x720 in High Definition mode
o Correctly skip unknown/unsupported tracks in the track mapper
o Don't propose tracks with an unsupported codec (text subtitles and some audio codec)
o Adjust Fit-To-Filesize when there are subtitles to encode
o Add a whitelist of (allowed) DirectShow filters to avoid using non-compatible filtersNow built using MinGW to enable more codec and asm code and more compatibility with the original FFMPEG

user posted image
http://download.divx....vX20OSS_b6.exe ~ 3001.8 KB
Dr. DivX 2.0.0 Beta 8

Changes in Dr. DivX 2.0.0 Beta 8:
• What's new
o Add the possibility to enable/disable watch folders (disabled by default)
o Save the watch folder settings in the user directory (~/.drdivx2)
o Add a CLI (Command Line) version of DrDivX to encode a file directly with a profile
o Now built with MSVC 2005 Express (freeware version) and Qt 4.1.1 (open source edition)
o Add a "reset" starting mode to delete all the content of the user directory (~/.drdivx2) and jobs
o Rewriting of the aspect ratio handling to support video upscaling (but not beyond profile limits)
o Allow the use of a /.drdivx2 directory to store the settings instead of ~/.drdivx2 (easier to debug)
o The analysis on loading is done in a low priority thread
o Allow user to request interlaced video output
o Access the full video preview from the small video preview
o Add a general progress bar to monitor the long analysis
o Survey tool invoked at application exit
• What's Fixed
o Fix a crash in the preview when the 2nd (or more) video file loaded is in YUV420P
o Don't try to reorder columns that don't exist anymore in job batch
o The audio delay detection was not working correctly in beta 7
o When clicking on basic when nothing is loaded the profile was changing
o Avoid crashing when the saved settings are incorrect
o Rework the JobBatchWidget code to avoid crashes
o Fix over-eager frame droppage caused by SCR reset and subsequent PTS rewind
o Fix crash when custom profiles are used in conjunction with watch folders
o Use toolbar to switch between file, capture and batch views
o Sync the file size displayed in Output Widget and Info Widget
o Fix application hang on certain clips caused by cyclic invokation of Video Preview methods
o Forcing the same audio parameters for all tracks now works (fixes #1445072)
o Trust the subtitle info in the .ifo file
o Fix a possible seeking problem when using multiple vobs input
o Fix a frame decoding in MPEG2 for interlaced content. This will improve border detection.
o Avoid using dubious data in the ASF demuxer (fixes #1447859)

Скачать программу ~ 4.9Mb
Dr. DivX 2.0.0 Beta 9

Changes in Dr. DivX 2.0.0 Beta 9:
• New features:
- Add the possibility to force the output aspect ratio (Auto, 1:1, 4:3, 16:9)
- Add a button in the Batch window to launch an encoded file
- Add an option to encode with a constant quality (target quantizer)
- Add the possibility to reconfigure a job after it was added to the queue
- Add support for default output profile
- Add auto-build version checking i'm a loser and i copy&paste from free-codecs.com
- Add a progress bar to the job status
- Start the jobs in Low priority by default
• Bugs fixed:
- Fix column widths for job batch and plugin list
- Put correct cli.exe in Installer for future builds
- Make the sliders usable with the keyboard
- Rework the crop enable/disable so that it can be handled by the keyboard
- Make language selection thru Preferences work
- Alphabetize language drop-down for audio and subs
- Update the batch buttons when the job status changes to avoid doing operations when the job is running
- Keep muxing even if some files are missing
- Ignore 1-pixel crop bars so that we don't resize needlessly
- Avoid crashing when a DirectShow filter exists in the registry but can't be used
- Support DV Type 1 files

Скачать программу ~ 5.1Mb
DJ Midnight
Dr. DivX 2.0.0 Beta 10

user posted image

Size/Размер 5.1 Mb

Update drffmpeg.dll from Page
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