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Дата публикации: 12.07.2012 - 11:32
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GetGo Download Manager v2.55+ CracK (Key)
Менеджер закачек.

A download manager designed to maximize the efficiency of your broadband internet connection. It allows you to download much faster than default web browsers with increased reliability, resume support, and error recovery.

Let's get going with this powerful tool to take advantage of your broadband connection!

Твой софтовый форум

Отличная программа для скачивания.Как пишет производитель в этой программе вы сможете скачать на 300 % быстрее чем через браузер.Множество функций.

Home http://www.getgosoft.com/
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Link http://www.getgosoft....GetGoSetup.exe ~ 2140 kB

GetGo Download Manager

Твой софтовый форум

Integrated Ask Search
Integrated Ask.com Search in GetGo IE Toolbar and Main GUI for easy searching.

New Interface Themes
New Office 2007 themed UI by default. 12 different themes to choose from for your GetGo window layout. You can also setup your own color scheme for GetGo.

Fully Compatible with Windows Vista
Smooth Vista User Access Control (UAC) and Internet Explorer 7 protected mode handling.

Seamless Web Browser Integration
Updated to support Firefox 3.x and Internet Explorer 7.x. GetGo now supports latest version of Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Flock! and IE.

Updated IE Toolbar Integration
GetGo IE Toolbar integrated in to your browser for fast and easy downloading.

Updated Firefox, Flock, and Mozilla-based browser Integration
Updated Firefox/Mozilla browser Addon with download confirmation dialog.

Brand new installer with company digital signature.

Read more details on the new changes in the Change Log in our new Help Section.
More Features

New Download dialog with advanced auto-probing leech re-direction and download file auto-recategorization according to file extension.
Improved Leech Download dialog allowing easier to file leeching from web pages.
Enhanced leech re-directing handling during download.
Added "Remove Download" in context menu, allowing removing downloads without deleting the actual download file from the disk.
Powerful Scheduler allows you to set your downloads to start or stop on a timer or recurring date basis.
Show download status windows automatically - This mimics IE status window behaviour.

Speed and Downloading
Enhanced batch downloading to download a large list of files and automatically rename them using a filename pattern template.
Up to 500% faster download speed: maximize your bandwidth speed.
Leech download capability: a faster and more convenient way of getting all the downloads you need from an entire web page.
Download priority: set multiple download tasks to “pending” and prioritize the downloads so that preference can be set for important downloads.
Record streaming video: set up and automatically record MMS video recordings and have them play on Windows Media player.

Integration and Ease of Use
IE toolbar integration: a GetGo toolbar that is integrated in to your browser for fast and easy downloading.
Tree list view with state based categorization of your downloads; now you can prioritize, sort on status, and assign user-defined categories to any download
Enhanced IE integration: Launch from IE using a button or context menu.
Resume support: resume stopped downloads (on supporting servers).
Enhanced account management: GetGo maintains a list of Login Accounts so you can easily access your favourite sites.
Download notification: GetGo will notify you when your download is complete.
Import and export leechs: you can import or export your database of leechs.

Enhancement and Support
Image preview: Display your downloaded images in GetGo Preview Pane
Proxy Support: Download all your files through an HTTP or FTP proxy.
Enhanced drop window with tooltip and bandwidth graph.
Download list: Advanced management of downloads, queues, priorities and statuses.

Customization and Interface Features
Customizable toolbar: Create your own toolbar buttons, show or hide the standard language bar or a language bar of your choice, and arrange buttons for more convenient access to all the features GetGo offers.
Interface themes: 7 new themes to choose from for your GetGo window layout. You can also setup your own color scheme for GetGo.
Dockable windows: re-configure the section of the GetGo window the way you want.
Details pane: Details information for downloaded and downloading files.
Bandwith pane: GetGo displays the bandwidth you are using when downloading files.

Browser Integration
Updated Firefox Add-on to support Firefox 3.x
GetGo now integrates with Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, and Flock! The installer will attempt to install into firefox automatically, however if a problem exists or you want to install manually, drag the GGMoz.xpi file into your browser (which is located in the GetGo program files directory).

Option to shred the downloaded files completely when you delete them from the disk in GetGo.
Virus check: Scan your downloads using GetGo and your favourite anti-virus software.
NO ads or spyware! Feel safe using GetGo as it contains no ads or spyware!

Compatibility and Fixes
Microsoft Windows Vista compatibility
Numerous core fixes have been made, including some application crashes, race conditions, and workflow logic.

License: Freeware
Size: 3,08 Мб

GetGo Download Manager


Added Internet Explorer 8 support;
Added ability to capture YouTube HQ (High Quality) and HD (High Definition) video in either FLV or MP4 format as well as various bug fixes.

Size: ~ 3.87 MB

GetGo Download Manager

What's New in version

Added background ShellIcon fetch thread as well as a ShellIcon cache to speed up drastically on program startup when there are many downloads.
Added Twitter, Facebook and YouTube links to the Help menu o Enhanced main GUI such that it will no longer sticky when scrolling up and down even if there are many URLs/downloads.
Fixed - YouTube Major Upgrade on April 1, 2010 resulted 1-Click Download button to disappear from YouTube video pages.
Fixed - Installer DPI problem when installing onto system with higher DPI
Fixed - Firefox and IE Addon handling of the new YouTube video page layout

Size: ~ 4.39 MB

GetGo Download Manager

Размер: 4,71 МБ.
GetGo Download Manager

Размер: 4,71 МБ.
GetGo Download Manager

Размер: 4,71 МБ.
GetGo Download Manager

Размер: 4,72 МБ.
GetGo Download Manager

Размер: 4,86 МБ.
GetGo Download Manager

Размер: 4,87 МБ.
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