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Golden 6.2 663


управления Oracle базами, tool for Oracle databases

Дата публикации: 26.01.2018 - 11:54
Benthic Software Golden

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Golden 6 - программа не является конкурентом Toad или PL/SQL Developer. Но она с успехом заменит стандартный SQLPlus.
Легкая и удобная в работе, она может быть установлена на компьютеры пользователей, которые не занимаются администрированием или разработкой.

Golden is a query and scripting tool for Oracle databases. It features close compatibility with SQLPLus' scripting conventions including variable prompting and script parameter passing. It is a multi-threaded application allowing multiple scripts to be edited and run simultaneously. It is optimized to be quick and resource friendly.

Golden 6 features
+ Supported Client Operating systems: Windows 10, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Terminal Server/Citrix, 32 and 64bit versions.
+ benthic golden supports Oracle 8 - 12, SQLNet 2.x - Net12 (including 'Instant Client')
+ Full Unicode support.
+ Client side sorting and filtering.
+ Export data to different file formats including CSV, Delimited, XML, and HTML.
+ Export to Excel and Open Office Calc through COM automation. Also export directly to Excel xls and xlsx files. Exports can be scripted and run automatically using commandline options.
+ Customizable Toolbars Golden.
+ Edit and run multiple scripts simultaneously.
+ Golden 6 key support for SQLPlus variable prompting, bind variables (including RefCursor), and calling external scripts with parameter passing.
+ Support for EXEC, DESC and CONNECT statements.
+ Golden 6.2 support for DBMS Output.
+ Script and statement timing.
+ Explain Plan output.
+ Golden support for SQLPlus style SPOOL files.
+ Editing of query results with full transaction control.
+ Colored syntax highlighting.
+ Schema information for pasting into scripts and queries.
+ Language specific cut and paste for pasting queries into Delphi, VB, ASP, Java, C++, etc.
+ A sophisticated separate import/export application (ImpExp) that can handle millions of records.

Home: www.benthicsoftware.com
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Golden32 v5.7.456

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Golden 6.2 663 + crack (keygen)

Цитата | Quote( Version 6.2 Build 663 - January 6 @ 2018 )
    Fixed issue with SQLBuilder not scrolling into view when searching.
    Fixed issue with packages not showing argumentless methods (specific to Oracle
    Fixed issue with types not showing argumentless methods (specific to Oracle
    Favorites menu will now skip .git and .hg directories.
    Changed Excel export code to always start a new instance (fixes macro issues.)
    Performance improvements to parsing scripts.

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