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The Pixel Farm PFClean v3.0R6


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Дата публикации: 01.05.2008 - 11:01
The Pixel Farm PFClean v3.0R4

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PFClean v3.0R4 - обновленная версия программы от компании The Pixel Farm (UK), это система автоматической или ручной очистки изображения, применяемая для отсканированных данных или для восстановления фильмов и видеоклипов путем подбора кадр в кадр.

Это приложение используется для быстрого очищения изображений от частиц, царапин, грязи, управления зернистостью и реставрации изображений и предлагает как полностью автоматизированный, так и ручной набор инструментов.
В числе новых возможностей программы PFClean v3.0R4 инструмент для удаления статических загрязнений, возможность определять и выбирать любую комбинацию цветовых каналов, инструмент для удаления ряби, интеграция с AutoDesk Lustre, улучшенный пользовательский интерфейс и т.д. Требует разрешение экрана 1524 пикселя , хотя пыхтит спокойно и с меньшим разрешением.

Твой софтовый форум

PFClean operates flexibly in an ever changing and complex DI environment, working as a fully automatic, hybrid system or manual system. The user is able to define frames and the type of anomalies to be fixed in a non destructive environment. Image sequences can then be processed immediately or committed to the Pixel Farm's tightly integrated cross platform batch processing system.
All fixes, whether applied automatically or manually, are executed via a per frame meta data map. Fixes, right down to individual paint strokes, are stored as meta data for later modification if required. This provides total control over any image modification and effectively provides the user with an unlimited number of non-sequential undos. The data is maintained throughout the clean up process with additionl annotation tools allowing further information to be added to inform processes further down the DI chain.
Production Director at Ollin Studios, Charlie Iturriago explains, “The PFClean team receive the movie rolls of 1000ft to the computer and remove scratches and dust, cleaning the film frame by frame, in a fast and automated process. Then the final frames go to output servers for deliveries and archival. So, the entire movie is QC'd with PFClean in 2k for a completely clean delivery.”
Comprehensive DI and RestorationToolset
PFClean has all the tools required to address the workflow from scanners, archival footage and digital film cameras into post production and finishing including:
●Automatic dirt, Dust and Scratch detection and fix on any combination of color channels
●A real-time float Paint system including clone and dust-busting brushes
●Image stabilization including frame rebuilding.
●Rotoscope tools to assist paint and motion analysis.
●Global de-noise/sharpen/blur.
●Noise/Grain adjustment.
●Full float pipeline with HDR support.
●Full support for defect maps from IR scanning data.


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