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Paint.NET 4.2.13


Графический редактор Paint, image and photo editor

Дата публикации: 05.08.2020 - 18:45
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Paint.NET 4.2.0 Final Portable + Plugins

Paint.NET 4.2.1

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Change log:
    New: JPEG XR file type support (Windows 8.1+ required)
    Fixed: Holding Ctrl when dragging a selection with Move Selected Pixels will again leave a copy behind (but only with the mouse)
    Fixed crashes when saving DDS images
    Fixed VTF file type plugin. It was not working in 4.2 except for images that were an exact power-of-2 size on each dimension.
    Fixed: .BMP files can be opened even if they’re not actually BMP images (they still need to be a valid WIC-supported file type such as PNG, JPEG, etc.)
    Fixed very bad performance when opening large images with embedded rotation metadata
    Fixed various crashes, such as when using File->New or Image->Resize, that sometimes happened if the previous update needed a reboot but either 1) it didn’t tell you that, or 2) it did but you didn’t reboot
    Fixed the problem that was causing the need for the aforementioned reboot in the first place (string resources file was locked by the thumbnail provider shell extension)
    Fixed: Text tool will no longer draw tiny text when an image uses dots-per-centimeter instead of dots-per-inch
    Fixed menu ordering of effect plugins that have duplicate names
    Fixed: The mouse wheel may now be used to scroll the Palettes menu in the Colors window (thanks @AndrewDavid for the suggestion and @toe_head2001 for the fix!)
    Fixed metadata handling that was preventing some images with EXIF tag 330 from being able to load
    Fixed metadata preservation for old images that pad EXIF string values with null terminators
    Fixed title bar text color when using certain custom accent colors in Windows 10
    Fixed title bar accent color when Tablet Mode is enabled

Paint.NET 4.2.2

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This update adds AV1 (*.avif) loading support, significantly improves DirectDraw Surface (DDS) support, adds 4-bit saving for PNG, BMP, and TIFF, fixes several bugs, and optimizes startup time.

Paint.NET 4.2.4

Released on September 20th, 2019
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This hotfix addresses some crashes and hangs that were happening when saving DDS images in certain formats.
Fixed a hang, which sometimes also resulted in a crash, when saving DDS images in certain formats (e.g. BC1/DXT1)
Improved: Reduced CPU usage in the COM interop system, which should help reduce overall power consumption
Paint.NET 4.2.5

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    New: WebP images are now supported due to bundling @null54‘s excellent WebPFileType plugin (v1.3.0.0)
    Fixed: Pasting images from Firefox’s "Take a Screenshot" feature was resulting in swapped red and blue channels due to mishandling of DIB_V5 clipboard data using the BI_RGB value for bV5Compression (thanks @null54 for the fix!)
    Fixed crash at startup (for both app and installer) on Windows "N" editions due to missing mfplat.dll (Media Foundation Platform)
    Updated bundled DDSFileTypePlus plugin to v1.9.7.0

Paint.NET 4.2.6

Roadmap and Change Log paint.net 4.2.6 - released on November 21st, 2019
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Paint.NET 4.2.6 Final + Plugins Portable
Paint.NET 4.2.8

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    Fixed: Pinch-to-zoom was not working when using a touch screen (regression in 4.2.6)
    Fixed: Spacebar panning was not working when using a pen/stylus (regression in 4.2.6)
    Fixed: EXIF metadata with non-ASCII characters is now preserved correctly
    Fixed a crash that can happen when the Microsoft Store version of the app is closed for an update
    Added /repair command-line argument, which will run PdnRepair.exe. This makes it easy to use Start -> Run -> paintdotnet:/repair so you don’t have to go fishing for the installation directory.

Paint NET 4.2.9

Цитата | Quote(PaintNET)
Reduced overall memory usage (commit size) by up to 1/3rd by eliminating the per-image scratch buffer
Greatly improved performance when finishing actions of most tools by employing a shared cache between the render and commit code paths
Reduced memory usage when working with many tools by consolidating homogenous tiles (those that are comprised of a single color value)
Significantly improved performance of most history actions (commit, undo, redo) by switching from NTFS compression to multithreaded LZ4 compression for history files
Significantly improved performance of undo/redo with very complex selections (e.g. from the Magic Wand tool)
Improved performance of Image -> Flatten (also affects flattening when saving)
Improved performance of the Invert Colors and Desaturate adjustments by disabling hardware acceleration for them (too much overhead in copying tiles to the GPU for such trivial rendering kernels)
Improved performance when saving by moving thumbnail rendering for the File -> Open Recent menu to a background thread
Reduced memory usage when printing, and removed a rare crash that was related to its use of the (now removed) scratch buffer
Improved performance of effect rendering when a complex selection is active (improved caching)
New: Added a "busy spinner" to the canvas when using the Magic Wand and Paint Bucket tools
New translation: Hebrew (HE)
New translation: Slovak (SK)   

Paint.NET 4.2.9 + Plugins Portable

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