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qBittorrent 4.3.3


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Дата публикации: 19.01.2021 - 22:53
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qBittorrent 4.2.0

Цитата | Quote( qBittorrent )
qBittorrent v4.2.0 was released.
There were no significant user facing changes since the previous RC release. The full v4.2.0 changelog follows.
ATTENTION: This release uses the libtorrent 1.2.x series. It saves fastresumes a bit differently than the 1.1.x series, which are used so far in the previous versions. If you run it and then downgrade to a previous qBittorrent version then your torrents will probably start rechecking.   

qBittorrent 4.2.3

Цитата | Quote( qBittorrent )
      FEATURE: Add logging for SOCKS5 proxy errors (Chocobo1)
    FEATURE: Add UPnP lease duration advanced option (NotTsunami)
    BUGFIX: Allow to translate error messages (Chocobo1)
    BUGFIX: Don't round scaling factor (Nick Korotysh)
    BUGFIX: Save log file in UTF-8 encoding (Chocobo1)
    BUGFIX: Avoid log file excessive flushing (Chocobo1)
    BUGFIX: Fix regression when fastresume contains network path (Tester798)
    BUGFIX: Fix broken UNC paths in fastresumes on Windows (sledgehammer999)
    BUGFIX: Prevent multiple instances for the same app config (glassez)
    BUGFIX: Fix unexpected torrent resume after app restart with libtorrent 1.1.x (glassez)
    WEBUI: Add alt and title tags for WebUI footer (LameLemon)
    WINDOWS: Installer: Update Finnish translation (Roope Jukkara)
    WINDOWS: Installer: Update Japanese translation (maboroshin)
    WINDOWS: Installer: Update Turkish translation (Burak Yavuz)
    WINDOWS: Installer: Update Russian translation (Andrei Stepanov)

qBittorrent 4.2.4

Цитата | Quote( qBittorrent )
    BUGFIX: Fix sub-sorting of Transfer list (glassez)
    BUGFIX: Fix wrong logic that disables "prevent sleeping" timer (Chocobo1)
    BUGFIX: Set disk cache size for older libtorrent versions (NotTsunami)
    BUGFIX: Sort locale language list (Chocobo1)
    BUGFIX: Remove white outline around mascot.png (adem)
    BUGFIX: Various fixes in configuring the chosen network interface and not leaking the IP (Raif Atef, an0n666)
    BUGFIX: Save "resume data" when torrent storage is moved (glassez)
    BUGFIX: Avoid holding encoded resume data in memory (Chocobo1)
    BUGFIX: Fix date format for "Last seen complete" (Chocobo1)
    BUGFIX: Remove deprecated strict super seeding mode from advanced settings (an0n666)
    BUGFIX: Change default stop_tracker_timeout settings (an0n666)
    BUGFIX: Convert the Log widget to use custom View/Model (jagannatharjun)
    BUGFIX: Change default upload slot choking limits (an0n666)
    BUGFIX: Don't uncheck Authentication checkbox when changing proxy type (thalieht)
    BUGFIX: Reduce ambiguity for selecting tray icons (Chocobo1)
    WEBUI: Fix unable to add multiple peers in WebUI (Sepro)
    WEBUI: Fix UPnP lease duration get/set (NotTsunami)
    SEARCH: Detect python3 executable on Windows (József Sallai) 

qBittorrent 4.2.5

Цитата | Quote( qBittorrent )
    BUGFIX: Fix crash when torrent is deleted on limit reached (glassez)
    BUGFIX: Register datatype properly (Chocobo1)
    WEBUI: Add ability to send custom HTTP headers (Chocobo1)
    WEBUI: Expand RSS related API (Sepro)
    WINDOWS: Installer: Update german translation (schnurlos)     

qBittorrent 4.3.0

Цитата | Quote( qBittorrent )
  This is a major version release due to the high number of accumulated changes and due to the long time since the last release.       


Цитата | Quote( qBittorrent )
  This is a minor release to address crashes on Windows related to torrents with URL seeds (HTTP Sources in the qbittorrent window). These crashes were exposed due to boost 1.74. Boost 1.73 doesn't have this problem. However, libtorrent also fixed the issue on their end so the Windows installers use the newer libtorrent code.
The rest of the release is almost the same as v4.3.0 (see changelog). Since other platforms weren't affected only Windows builds will be made available for this version.   

qBittorrent 4.3.1

Цитата | Quote( qBittorrent )
      FEATURE: Allow progress bar styling from custom themes (jagannatharjun)
    FEATURE: Allow adding torrents using "Paste" key sequence (Chocobo1)
    FEATURE: Add Latgalian translation (sledgehammer999)
    BUGFIX: Prevent resume data to be saved for removed torrent (glassez)
    BUGFIX: Clarify connection protocol choice label (FranciscoPombal)
    BUGFIX: Fix crash when clicked outside the table of torrent content view (jagannatharjun)
    BUGFIX: Don't resume "paused" torrents when put into "checking" state by libtorrent (glassez)
    BUGFIX: Fix torrent state calculation (glassez)
    BUGFIX: Align integer data to right in torrent content view (jagannatharjun)
    WEBUI: Place WebUI RSS description in sandboxed iframe (Sepro)
    WEBUI: Avoid settings being reset via WebAPI (Chocobo1)
    WEBUI: Fix toggling advanced option in WebUI (thalieht)
    WEBUI: Expose contentPath in WebAPI torrents/info (FranciscoPombal)
    WEBUI: Fix the issue that IPv6 address can't be banned (brvphoenix)
    RSS: Fix confusion in date format description (Thomas De Rocker)
    WINDOWS: Update dutch.nsi (Thomas De Rocker)
    LINUX: Update .desktop file translations (sledgehammer999)

qBittorrent 4.3.2

Цитата | Quote( qBittorrent )
    FEATURE: Allow to add root folder to torrent content (glassez)
    FEATURE: "HTTPS tracker validation" option is available on all platforms with latest libtorrent (Chocobo1)
    FEATURE: Option for supporting internationalized domain names (IDNs) (Chocobo1)
    BUGFIX: Fix broken sorting on some columns (Chocobo1)
    BUGFIX: Fix availability per file value (Chocobo1)
    BUGFIX: Fix status of torrents without metadata (sledgehammer999)
    BUGFIX: Don't try to remove folders for a torrent without metadata (sledgehammer999)
    BUGFIX: Lift upper limit of "Max concurrent HTTP announces" option (Chocobo1)
    BUGFIX: Add links to libtorrent documentation (Chocobo1)
    BUGFIX: Move "embedded tracker" options to qbt section (Chocobo1)
    BUGFIX: Properly handle "Append extension" option changing (glassez)
    BUGFIX: Correctly save paused torrent state (glassez)
    BUGFIX: Fix bug of "move storage job" can be performed multiple times (glassez)
    WEBUI: Add ability to use 'shift+delete' to delete torrents (Chocobo1)
    WEBUI: Allow to attach tags while adding torrents (Jesse Chan)
    WEBUI: Bump version to 2.6.2 (Jesse Chan)
    WEBUI: Remove unnecessary restriction on input length (Chocobo1)
    WINDOWS: NSIS: Update Russian translation (Andrei Stepanov)
    WINDOWS: NSIS: Update Italian translation (Alessandro Simonelli)
    OTHER: Drop support for building with libtorrent < 1.2.11 (Vladimir Golovnev) 

qBittorrent 4.3.3

Цитата | Quote( qBittorrent )
    FEATURE: New languages: Azerbaijani, Estonian
    BUGFIX: Unify global speed dialogs for normal/alternative speeds (thalieht)
    BUGFIX: Increase maximum global speed limits ~2 GiB/s (thalieht)
    BUGFIX: Save fastresume when setting torrent speed limits (thalieht)
    BUGFIX: Group several torrent options into one dialog (thalieht)
    BUGFIX: Capitalize locale names (Chocobo1)
    BUGFIX: Improve content file/folder names handling (glassez)
    BUGFIX: Drop notification about move storage finished or failed (glassez)
    BUGFIX: Reload "missing files" torrent instead of re-checking (glassez)
    BUGFIX: Remember dialog sizes (Chocobo1)
    BUGFIX: Improve detection of file extension string (Chocobo1)
    WEBUI: Don't call non-existent elements (glassez)
    WEBUI: Update "Keep top-level folder" in WebUI options (thalieht)
    MACOS: QMake: Raise minimal macOS target version to 10.14 (glassez)
    LINUX: Use legacy 'data' directory only as a fallback (lbilli)
    OTHER: Bump project requirement to C++17 (Chocobo1)

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