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KNemo 0.7.0


сетевая утилита

Дата публикации: 18.02.2011 - 18:36
KNemo 0.4.8

Твой софтовый форумKNemo - the KDE Network Monitor
Это небольшое приложение для среды KDE выполняет всего одну, но довольно полезную функцию. KNemo выводит в трей значок сетевого соединения, щелкнув по которому, можно увидеть параметры соединения (имя сетевого интерфейса, IP-адреса шлюза, маску подсети) и количество переданных данных.

KNemo offers a network monitor similar to the one found in Windows. For every network interface it displays an icon in the systray.
IMPORTANT: KNemo has to be started using KDE Control Center/Internet & Network/Network Monitor. Please do no longer use the KDE Service Manager to start and stop KNemo. This change was necessary to keep KNemo from starting automatically for every user in a multiuser environment.

Home: _http://extragear.kde.org/apps/knemo Downloads:_http://www.kde-apps.org/CONTENT/
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KNemo 0.7.0

The most significant changes here have to do with statistics handling (again). If you were using custom billing periods before, KNemo will try to migrate the settings, but you might need to reset the option because of a problem with how that info used to get stored.

Version 0.7.0
* statistics changes:
- statistics are now stored in an SQLite 3 database
- custom billing periods are based on rules; this includes more flexible
period lengths and the ability to track peak/off-peak hours
- support for an arbitrary number of traffic notifications
* ui changes:
- the statistics dialog entries have tooltips; select multiple entries to
get their sum
* bugfixes:
- reset traffic counters when an interface becomes unavailable
- mark pointopoint interfaces as connected only if they have an ip address
- fix build on FreeBSD and GNU/kFreeBSD
- netload icon theme shouldn't use the unavailable color as its background

Version 0.6.3
* save changes to traffic threshold setting
* add option to report traffic rate in bit/s
* update the signal plotter from KDE SC 4.4 branch; a few minor plotter
config options were dropped as a result
* on startup sync recent traffic statistics with vnstat if it's available;
this should help KNemo account for traffic between sessions
* fix possible hang when text icon theme uses fixed fonts

Version 0.6.2
* add rolling 24 hour statistics
* make traffic notification more flexible to accommodate some common limits
(hourly, daily, etc...)
* font of the text icon theme is configurable
* fix a bug that always showed the ports of a bridge or aggregated interface
as down
* if compiled against KDE SC >= 4.4, use KStatusNotifierItem by default
* if running on KDE SC >= 4.4, statistics use the calendar system selected in
System Settings

Version 0.6.1
* support for reading wireless info on FreeBSD
* add a netload icon theme (bar graphs)
* text and netload themes can change color depending on traffic load
* more cleanup of the config dialog
* fixed appending stats in the statistics dialog
* fix bug that prevented periodic statistics saving, and use fsync()

Version 0.6.0
* backend changes:
- added IPv6 support
- sysfs and nettools backends replaced with a netlink backend on Linux and
a more general backend for BSD (currently only tested on FreeBSD).
Note: BSD backend currently lacks wireless support.
- polling periods can range from 0.1 to 2 seconds
- added notifications for when an interface becomes available/unavailable
- kill custom commands that are still running when KNemo closes
* statistics changes:
- added weekly statistics
- monthly statistics can act like "billing periods". Billing periods can
start on an arbitrary day and can span 1-6 months.
- optional notification if a billing period's traffic exceeds a threshold
* ui changes:
- improved icon theming modeled after the network status icons in the
freedesktop.org icon naming spec
- added a text icon theme that reports upload/download speeds in the tray
- status dialog supports multiple IP addresses per interface
- redesigned config dialog; should reduce information overload
- plotter properties are saved per interface and accessible by right
clicking a plotter

Version 0.5.2:
* fix config dialog so it preserves new position and size settings
* events work again
* sys backend uses iwlib instead of deprecated /sys/class/net/*/wireless
* backends check the wireless access point for the encryption status
* each monitored interface creates a plotter on startup but keeps it hidden;
this way the plotter already has a history before it's made visible for the
first time
* don't inadvertently force libiw as a dependency
* take range (or lack of it) into account when showing wireless link quality
* if there is no config file, KNemo will monitor the default route interface;
this should reduce confusion for first time users while remaining discreet
* sys backend is now the default

Version 0.5.1:
* added Ukranian translation, thanks to Sergey Panasenko
* fix build on Gentoo
* lots of little fixes to the traffic plotter dialog
* fix sorting statistics for months/years
* statistics dialog scrolls to the most recent item again
* improve how dialog size/position is saved and restored
* Set reasonable limits on numeric values in the config dialog
* remove horizontal line count setting in config dialog; no longer relevant
* change some behavior of the config dialog
- The first time it is run it does not create a default list of devices;
manually clicking "Defaults" will still create a default list though
- tweak how various sections of the dialog become enabled/disabled
depending on the settings
* tooltip stats are now dynamically updated
* config dialog now searches for icon sets on startup. This lets users
install their own custom sets. See README for more details.

Version 0.5.0:
* ported to KDE 4

KNemo 0.7.0 source: 618 kb
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