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VirtualBox 6.1.14


Эмулятор виртуальных машин, full virtualization

Дата публикации: 05.09.2020 - 09:16
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VirtualBox 6.1.2

Virtualization core: fixed performance issue observed with Windows XP guests on AMD hosts (6.0.0 regression; bug #19152)
Virtualization core: consistent IBRS/IBPB CPUID feature reporting, avoids crash of NetBSD 9.0 RC1 installer (bug #19146)
GUI: fixed updating of runtime info
GUI: in Display settings, do not show "2D video acceleration" checkbox if it is meaningless for the selected graphics adapter
Audio: fixed audio input handling when VRDE is enabled
Audio: fixed crash in the HDA emulation when using multi-speaker configurations
Storage: fixed use of encrypted disks with snapshots involved (6.1.0 regression; bug #19160)
Storage: improve performance of virtio-scsi
Storage: read-only support for compressed clusters in QCOW2 images
Windows installer: include unintentionally dropped vbox-img.exe utility again
Windows host: when installing or removing an extension pack, retry the sometimes failing directory renaming (usually caused by anti-virus software accessing the directory)
Linux host: Support Linux 5.5 (guest additions not yet)
Windows guest: accelerate 2D video decoding (scaling and color space conversion) if the VM is configured to use VBoxSVGA with 3D enabled
Windows guest: fix guest additions installer to upgrade the mouse filter driver reliably
Windows guest: when uninstalling older Guest Additions with old 3D support enabled try restoring original Direct3D files
Linux guest: improve resize and multi-monitor handling for VMs using VMSVGA (known remaining issue: do not disable a monitor "in the middle", causes confusion)

VirtualBox 6.1.4

Virtualization core: Fixed a rare issue with ICEBP instruction causing guru meditations on Intel hosts (6.1.0 regression; bug #19171)
Virtualization core: Fixed macOS Catalina guests failing to boot after upgrading to 10.15.2 onwards (bug #19188)
GUI: recent NLS integration and bug fixes for GUI and Qt translation tags
USB: Fix isochronous transfers to the VM for xHCI
Serial: Fix buffer handling, avoiding receiving stale data when the receive queue is flushed (bug #18671)
Serial: Improve host serial port passthrough handling on Windows host
VBoxManage: Restore old --clipboard option for modifyvm command
macOS host: Use hardened runtime and request the needed entitlements, meeting latest notarization rules which also required moving VirtualBoxVM executable
macOS host: Update osxfuse to v3.10.4
Windows host: Update Italian translation of installer
Windows host: Improve shared folder compatibility with POSIX append semantic (bug #19003)
Windows host: Restore the ability to run VMs through Hyper-V, at the expense of performance
Linux guest: Support Linux 5.5 (bug #19145)
Linux guest: Shared folder fix for loopback mounting of images
BIOS: Always report non-ATA disks as ready
BIOS: Report EFI support through DMI table (bug 19144)
VGA BIOS: Reduce stack space usage for INT 10h handlers

VirtualBox 6.1.6

VirtualBox 6.1.8

GUI: Fix several layout and mouse position handling bugs with soft keyboard
GUI: Fixed crash on last VM removed (6.1.4 regression; bug #19568, #19525, #19506, #19490, #19481, #19397)
GUI and API: Allow renaming VMs which are in saved state
Serial: Fixed slow guest output when using the TCP server mode without anyone being connected
Guest Additions: Restored 'VBoxClient--checkhostversion' functionality (6.1.0 regression; bug #19470)
Guest Additions: Fixed resizing and multi monitor handling for X11 guests. (6.1.0 regression; bug #19496)
Guest Additions: Build problems fix with Oracle Linux 8.2 (Red Hat compatible kernel) / Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2 / CentOS 8.2 (bug #19391)
Guest Control/VBoxManage: Fixed handling of multiple environment variables supplied to 'VBoxManage guestcontrol VM run' (6.1.6/6.0.20 regression; bug #19518)
Guest Control: Implemented support for long(er) command lines
Guest Control: Various stability improvements

VirtualBox 6.1.10

GUI: Fixed crash when using Qt on Xwayland sessions (bug #19583)
GUI: Fixed mouse pointer doesn't work properly in Windows guests when scaling is on (bug #19597)
VBoxManage: Fixed crash of 'VBoxManage internalcommands repairhd' when processing invalid input (bug #19579)
Settings: disable audio input and audio output by default for new VMs (bug #19527)
Guest Additions: Fixed resizing and multi monitor handling for Wayland guests. (bug #19496)
Guest Additions: Fixed VBoxClient error: The parent session seems to be non-X11. (bug #19590)
Linux host and guest: Linux kernel version 5.7 support. (bug #19516)

VirtualBox 6.1.14

released September 04 2020
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Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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