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Дата публикации: 07.06.2020 - 08:44
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Edraw Max 9.4.2 + crack (keygen)
ver. - 28.02.2020

Black Avenger
Опять недолом. Если выбрать тип диаграммы, а потом перетянуть шаблон на рабочую область, то перетянется совсем другой тип. Эта история тянется еще с 8-ой версии...
EdrawSoft Edraw Max 10 + crack (full)

Цитата | Quote(Edraw 10)
1. The newest UI is a pretty drastic change compared with its past versions.
2. The new floating button makes it easier to create flowcharts.
3. Add new features of forms - import/export Excel files seamlessly.
4. Now you can create smart shapes as you like.
5. Floor plan - the new feature makes it more flexible to connect wall.
6. Mind map - brand new themes, icons, and process steps.
7. Now you can create a container (a special shape that visually groups together logically-related shapes on the page).
8. Now you can export your document into multiple PDF files (by page ranges defined).
9. Add new types of diagrams - analysis canvas, funnel diagrams, roadmaps, customer journey maps, calendar plans, goal setting worksheets, and so on.
10. Add new UI color themes - freely change the default blue color of the UI to another colors like purple or gray.
11. Optimize the functionality of connector lines so that you can connect the different shapes from any point on the outline of any shapes.
12. Add the shortcut "F8" - press "F8" to switch to continuous drawing mode when using the basic tools (shape, connetor, and text).
13. Add new feature - format painter for text.
14. Add reminders when you forget to save the modified files.
15. You can choose to zoom in/out centering on the mouse position.
16. Optimize the function of exporting images - you can remove margins.
17. Optimize the function of the library - you can fold/unfold more than one library at the same time.
18. Speed up searching, opening, saving, and copying files.

Edraw Max 10.0.4 + crack (full)

1. Speed up searching from the symbols library.
2. Now you can customize the shapes and branches of mind maps.
3. Now you can curve text around a circle.
4. Fix some bugs.
5. Add new templates for the circuit diagram, the chemical chart, etc.
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