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JRiver Media Center 27.0.34


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Дата публикации: 23.11.2020 - 13:29
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JRiver Media Center 26.0.107 Portable

JRiver Media Center 27.0.15 + crack (patch)

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Mirror / Зеркало

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JRiver Media Center 27.0.34 + crack (keygen)

1. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
2. Changed: The confirmation for clearing Playing Now will no longer say it will stop if playback is already stopped.
3. Changed: The /Clear command line option no longer takes a required parameter.
4. Changed: Optionally you can specify MC27.exe /Clear LeavePlaying or /Clear DontRemoveCurrent to leave the playing file.
5. Changed: The lock and unlock playlist button are in the same spot, so doing a slow double click in the area will not be disruptive.
6. Changed: Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code.
7. Changed: Blu-ray ISO files up to 120 GB are supported instead of only 60 GB.
8. Fixed: When resuming normal play from FF/REW on a time-shifting TV tuner, the OSD paused status could be wrong.
9. Changed: Tag dump in the Tag Action Window no longer tries to analyze video files (it could be slow and rarely returned anything).

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Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

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