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Label Design Studio 3.1

Дата публикации: 03.11.2008 - 15:44
Netsmartz Label Design Studio 3.1

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Label Design Studio- Программа для создания логотипов, которая позволит Вам создать ваши собственные выдающийся логотипы: различной формы с добавлением подходящего фона, текста, информацию из базы данных и т.д. вобщем всего чего захотите.


*You can use Label Design Studio to design useful and creative labels for varied needs in minutes. It’s absolutely easy to use. See why:

*Ready to use label templates are available for various labels like address labels, shipping labels, labels for CDs, name tags, stickers, hazard labels, passes, etc.
*There are a wide variety of graphics, shapes and fonts to help design attractive labels.
*You can create labels in a variety of sizes or define a custom size. *You can also save and re-use labels as needed.
*You can add various effects, such as brightness and contrast, drop shadow, transparency effects apart from the routine align, scale, arrange, rotate, flip and outline tools to make your labels more appealing.
*It also allows you to print your labels from your Home PC with great ease.
*This program comes with an image library of attractive photos and clipart, and you can use your own logo, images and clip art to create your labels.
*The labels you create can be exported in various file formats – as PDFs or as images in JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG or TIFF formats.
*The software will automatically populate your labels with data from Excel, Character delimited (.txt, .csv) files. There is no need of manual entering of data.
*You can also create posters, letterheads, and flyers using Label Design Studio.


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