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Macrium Reflect 7.2 Server Plus


программа резервного копирования, endpoint backup

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Macrium Reflect

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Macrium Reflect – программа разработана для создания и восстановления образов жёсткого диска и резервирования данных. Macrium Reflect создаёт образ Windows во время использования Windows и не требует для этого перезагрузку компьютера или каких-то ещё дополнительных действий. Кроме того, возможен просмотр образа диска и планирование бэкапов.

Возможности программы Reflect 7:
• Создание образа как всего диска, так и отдельных папок и файлов;
• Выбор места хранения готового образа (на локальном жестком диске, на сетевом диске или оптическом носителе);
• Создание образа системы "на лету" без перезагрузки Windows;
• Встроенный планировщик резервирования данных;
• Создание загрузочного диска, используя Linux или BartPE;
• Верификация готовых образов;
• Использование сервиса копирования Microsoft Volume Shadow (VSS);
• Высокая скорость работы и степень сжатия;
• Обеспечение безопасности с использованием AES 256-битного шифрования;
• Возможность пакетной записи на CD/DVD.

Macrium Reflect - The trusted endpoint backup solution for Home and Business. Fast, reliable and scalable.

Macrium Reflect Workstation - Designed for endpoint backup of business-critical PCs and workstations. Peace of mind for organizations when backing up Windows PCs.
Solution highlights:
With a new Backup Engine Incremental and differential images are faster than ever
Instant virtual booting of backup images: instantly create, start and manage Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines
Ultra-fast Live imaging of windows systems, physical and virtual
Restore images to dissimilar hardware using Macrium ReDeploy
Greatly simplified administration including pre-defined Backup Plans for popular backup strategies
Fully featured file and folder level backup and recovery
Updated support for all the latest Windows Operating Systems and disk formats

Macrium Reflect Server - This fast and reliable solution once again sets the standard for image based server backup solutions. Macrium Reflect Server Edition comes with a full set of updated features that provides the fastest time to first backup and peace of mind for full image or file and folder level restores.
Solution highlights:
Instant virtual booting of backup images: instantly create, start and manage Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines
Rapid Delta Restore recovers your images in minutes or even seconds
Rapid Delta Cloning increases cloning speed by copying file system deltas
Incrementals Forever and Synthetic Full images
All current Windows Server platforms supported
Physical and Virtual Server backup
Restore images to dissimilar hardware using Macrium ReDeploy - Including Server ReDeploy

Macrium Reflect Server Plus - is a fully featured and sophisticated tool for backing up the most critical of servers running applications such as Microsoft Exchange email, and SQL databases. IT professionals will be able to very quickly install and run backups using Server Plus. You can rely on it to protect your critical systems and provide rapid and trouble free recovery.
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 / 2008 / 2012 / 2014 / 2016

Macrium Reflect Home - The complete backup solution for personal use. Protect documents, data and operating systems using advanced disk imaging technology. Includes Macrium viBoot for instant Hyper-V virtualization and Macrium Image Guardian.
We have included 12 months Essentials Support with the license. This means that you can have peace of mind with Macrium Reflect Home 7, and should you have any difficulties, our technical staff will be on hand to answer your questions. You can sit back, relax, and be confident that Macrium Reflect crack will be quickly and reliably protecting your data and systems.

Homepage: www.macrium.com
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x64 - 7.2.4808

x86 - 7.2.4557
Macrium Reflect Professional v5.0.3843

Macrium Reflect Professional 5.0.4118

ОС: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2003 and Server 2008. 32 and native 64 Bit
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Лекарство: есть
Размер: 32,10 Мб

Macrium Reflect Professional v5.0.4432 x86

Macrium Reflect - быстродействующая программа для работы с образами жесткого диска и резервирования данных. Существенным отличием Macrium Reflect от других бесплатных программ для создания образов является создание образа Windows во время использования Windows, без необходимости перезапуска компьютера, загрузки Linux или упрощенной версии Windows для завершения создания образа.

Macrium Reflect имеет очень высокую скорость создания образа диска. Образ размером в 12 Gb данных будет смонтирован всего за 16 минут. При этом размер сжатого бэкапа будет всего 8 Gb. Избыточные и полные образы дисков могут быть восстановлены и смонтированы в качестве виртуальных дисков в Проводнике Windows.

Основные возможности Macrium Reflect:
- Возможность запустить создание образа всего диска или отдельных частей.
- Образ может храниться на локальном жестком диске, на сетевом диске или оптическом носителе.
- Функция планирования бэкапов.
- Диск можно восстановить, используя Linux или BartPE.
- Создание образа диска с использованием сервиса копирования Microsoft Volume Shadow (VSS).
- Высокая степень сжатия и скорость.
- Встроенный движек пакетной записи CD и DVD.

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29 MB
Macrium Reflect Pro v 5.2.6249 Final

39.7 Mb
Macrium Reflect Home, Server Plus, Workstation, Server 7.1 3317 + crack (patch)

Цитата | Quote( Macrium Reflect 7.1 )
Unable to restore to an uninitialized disk
SQL Backup failure if TLS 1.0 is disabled
SQL DB authentication would fail if TLS 1.0 was disabled and TLS 1.2 enabled. This has been resolved.
Clone and restore error message improvements
When a clone or restore failed the error messages could display incorrect or cryptic error text. Typically you may have seen 'Access Denied' for a failure, however the true cause of the problem would likely have been different. The error text now displays the initial and correct reason for the failure.
Clone target disk could not be found
A clone could fail with an unidentified target disk. This has been resolved.
MIG installation
Macrium Image Guardian could turn off after a reboot if installed for a single user as opposed to the default 'All Users'. This has been resolved

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Home x86+x64, Workstation x86+x64, Server x86+x64, Server Plus x86+x64
Mirror / Зеркало

Macrium.Reflect._all.editions_.7.1.3317.Patch - password softoroom
Macrium Reflect 7.2 Server Plus + crack (cracked)
ver. 7.2.3825 x64

Цитата | Quote
•    Extended Windows Shutdown Times
    Some customers have experienced extended Windows shutdown times and have been unable to perform a safe Removal of USB storage devices when the Macrium Changed Block Tracker (CBT) driver is installed. This has been resolved.
    Note: This patch will require a reboot. The initial reboot will still be using the previous CBT driver, so may take an extended amount of time to shutdown. The new CBT driver will be active after the initial reboot.
•    Windows XP/Vista/7 Scheduled Tasks Exit Code
    Scheduled backups on Windows XP/Vista/7 could complete with code 0xff. Tasks would complete successfully but error as the application was unloading. This has been resolved.

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Macrium Reflect 7.2 Server Plus + crack (patch)
ver. 7.2.3954

Цитата | Quote( 7.2.3954 )
What's New 7.2.3954 - 17th December 2018
    Compatibility with Windows 10 Insider Preview 1809 (18290/8)
    System Image files can now be mounted in the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview release. We've worked around the Windows Container Isolation File System (wcifs) bug that caused a GSoD with earlier releases of Reflect.
Bug Fixes
    Macrium Changed Block Tracker (MRCBT)
    The following issues have been resolved...
    The number of error events that CBT writes to the System event log has been significantly reduced.
    On some systems, CBT could cause a BSoD if a third-party device driver split a request to read or write from a volume into multiple, smaller reads or writes.
    On some x86 systems, CBT could fail to read the NTFS transaction log due to a low memory condition. This resulted in a failed backup reporting a read error occurred due to insufficient system resources.
    Various dates reported by CBT were displayed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) format, not the currently configured local time zone format.
    Backup End Toast Notification
    The notification displayed when a scheduled backup completes now includes the xml backup definition file name.
    Rescue Media Builder ISO File
    If an alternative Windows 'temp' path was set with insufficient space for the ISO file then RMBuilder would not report an error and create an invalid file. This has been resolved
    Minor UI changes.

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Macrium Reflect 7.2.4228 Server Plus + crack (patch)

Цитата | Quote( Macrium Reflect )
What's New v7.2.4228 - 21st April 2019
        Image file loading speed improvement
    Reduced the time taken for Reflect to read the indexes back from the previous files in the backup set. This is most noticeable when reading a large number of remote files.
Bug Fixes
    Change Block Tracker
        Fixed an issue where a TRIM operation on a Registry hive would cause a dead-lock if some third-party software was holding a lock on the Registry.
        Fixed an issue where CBT could not be enabled on some volumes if the list of file extents for the NTFS $LogFile spanned a 512 byte boundary.
    Image Guardian
        Fixed an issue on some Windows 7 systems, where MIG was prevented from using the Microsoft cryptographic functions.
        MIG could block the creation of SQL backups. This has been resolved.
    Creating an Incremental image of an encrypted/password protected image would fail with invalid password. This has been resolved.

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Macrium Reflect Server Plus 7.2 + crack (license patch)

Mirror / Зеркало
Mirror / Зеркало

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Mirror / Зеркало
Mirror / Зеркало

password softoroom
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