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Red Call Recorder v1.1


запись телефонных разговоров

Дата публикации: 23.01.2009 - 05:45
Red Call Recorder 1.0.20 + Crack
запись телефонных разговоров

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Простенькая прога для записи телефонных разговоров на компьютер.


Would you like to record phone calls ? 'Red Call Recorder 1.0' is an easy-to-use tool with perfect solution for you.
Records incoming calls
When accepting a phone call, Red Call Recorder 1.0 will immediately recognize the caller, than one mouse click on 'Record' will start recording the call to a common compressed wave file (up to 1.1KBps - less then 4MB for an hour!). You can pause or continue recording, and all in real time.
Records outgoing calls
Just operate the dialer, type the desired phone number, and press" create recorded call". When connected to the desired phone number, the program will present a message "start recording outgoing call" press "ok" , this call will now be recorded.
Third party
You can play the call while it is being recorded. Speakers or earphones can be attached and a third party can also listen to the call while recording is taking place.

Windows: All
Интерфейс: English
Лицензия: Shareware
Размер: 1,8 Mb
Home: _http://www.teley.com/products/redcall/

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Red Call Recorder v1.1

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