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FBackup 9.3.420


Отличный бэкапер, Free Backup Software

Дата публикации: 11.10.2021 - 18:38
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FBackup 6.4.320

Размер: 72,5 МБ.
FBackup 6.4.355

Размер: 70,7 МБ.
FBackup 7.4.497

Цитата | Quote( Changes in FBackup 7.4.497 (11-December-2018) )
    Update: Improved the Italian translation
    Update: Improved the Danish translation
    Update: Improved the Block Backup type
    Fix: Restoring backups with filters
    Fix: Fixes for resumable uploads
    Fix: Faster restore for block backups
FBackup 8.0.120

Цитата | Quote( Changes in FBackup 8.0.120 (10-April-2019) )
    New: Network backup is now faster and more reliable
    New: Redesigned New Backup Wizard
    New: Scheduler enabled/disabled icons were added
    New: Add backup label column in history
    Update: Faster restore from remote destinations
    Update: Log retries attempts on LAN
    Update: Import at first run only if previous version is installed

FBackup 8.0.146

Update: Portuguese translation is now complete
Update: Brazilian Portuguese translation is now complete
Update: Korean translation is now complete
Fix: Scheduler was resetting to the current time in new backup wizard
Fix: Next button was deactivated on source selection page
FBackup 8.1.183

Цитата | Quote(FBackup 8.1)
Changes in FBackup 8.1.183 (19-June-2019)
    New: Remote monitoring support for backups and other actions
    New: Option to show News page again after being hidden
    New: Added job name instead of job ID in the description column
    Fix: Navigation pane showed Expanded even with Collapsed/Off in options
    Fix: Ensure folder exists before downloading file
    Fix: Overwrite mirror files notification
    Fix: Ensure cache is flushed when stopping the application
    Fix: Destination was changed when opening multiple jobs at once
    Fix: Display settings reset after restart
    Fix: Reduce catalog loading time

FBackup 8.1.195

Цитата | Quote(FBackup 8.1)
Changes in FBackup 8.1.195
    Fix: Save grouping for tables
    Fix: Remote monitoring error when using different decimal separator
    Fix: Flush remote monitor updates before sending the finish message

FBackup 8.2.214

Цитата | Quote(FBackup 8.2)
    Fix: Modified and excluded versions of the same file in a backup number
    Fix: Console was blocked when the monitoring service stopped responding
    Fix: Error backing up Outlook during the "Creating block list" phase
    Fix: Error when importing backup jobs from previous versions

FBackup 8.3.233

Цитата | Quote(FBackup 8.3)
      New: Added Brazilian Portuguese language
    New: Added Danish language
    New: Added Dutch language
    New: Added French language
    New: Added Korean language
    New: Added Portuguese language
    New: Added Romanian language
    New: Added Turkish language
    Update: Optimized cloud backups when timeouts occur
    Fix: Schedulers ordered by date were not displayed properly

FBackup 8.4.251

Цитата | Quote(FBackup 8.4)
    New: Multiple new backup plugins added
    New: Serbian language added for the user interface (both Latin and Cyrillic)
    New: Updated design for the ribbon interface with styling options
    Update: Dutch language updated
    Update: Japanese language updated
    Fix: Selective restore with file filtering ignored main folder
    Fix: Group name tag in email templates was not displaying proper information
    Fix: Multiple "new version available" update windows
    Fix: Timestamp error for scheduled backups     

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