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FBackup 9.0.333


Отличный бэкапер, Free Backup Software

Дата публикации: 25.06.2021 - 17:46
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FBackup 8.5.264

Цитата | Quote(FBackup 8.5)
    New: Added option to "Use old sources selection mode"
    New: Added option to "Use the New Backup Wizard to create backup jobs"
    Fix: Correction for the German translation
    Fix: Error while creating ZIP archive in certain situations
    Fix: High memory usage for Remote Monitor cache     

FBackup 8.6.288

Цитата | Quote(FBackup 8.6)
    New: Added backup plugin for qBittorrent
    New: Added backup plugin for Teracopy
    New: Added backup plugin for SPAMfighter
    New: Added backup plugin for ImgBurn
    New: Added backup plugin for IrfanView
    New: Added backup plugin for FreeCommander
    New: Added backup plugin for CDBurnerXP
    New: Added backup plugin for Multi-Commander
    New: Added backup plugin for Kodi
    New: Added backup plugin for Plex
    New: Russian language added for the user interface
    Updated: Spanish language
    Updated: German language
    Updated: Chinese Simplified language
    Fix: Prefix for Mirror backups   

FBackup 8.7.308

Цитата | Quote(FBackup 8.7)
        Added: Backup plugin for Spotify
    Added: Backup plugin for GIMP
    Added: Backup plugin for Evernote
    Added: Backup plugin for iTunes
    Added: Finnish language

FBackup 8.7.328

Цитата | Quote(FBackup 8.7)
    Added: Backup plugin for Zoom Meetings
    Added: Backup plugin for VirtualBox
    Added: Backup plugin for IObit Uninstaller
    Added: Backup plugin for SUMo
    Updated: Slovenian language
    Updated: Danish language
    Updated: Polish language
    Fixed: LTFS file system was not recognized and files were split 2 GB     

FBackup 8.9.352

Цитата | Quote(FBackup 8.9)
      Added: Adaptive mirror buffer depending on file size (up to 3x speed improvement)
    Updated: Major speed improvements for mirror backups to network
    Updated: German language corrections
    Fixed: Export history did not work for "Today" when using Monitor 

FBackup 9.0.198

Цитата | Quote(FBackup 9)
          Added: Backup files from Dropbox
    Added: Backup files from Google Drive
    Added: Track time needed for upload/download when using cloud as source/destination
    Added: Multiple different source types in one backup job (plugin + cloud + local sources in one job)
    Added: Option to use HTTP in case HTTPS fails when checking for updates

FBackup 9.0.221

Цитата | Quote(FBackup 9)
      Fixed: Some files were backed up every time
    Fixed: Cannot restore backup with zip using a plugin
    Fixed: False missing warning for folders which exist
    Fixed: Plugin and upgrade fixes
    Fixed: My Documents backup plugin fix
    Fixed: Size of file in destination is different than size stored in catalogue       

FBackup 9.0.261

Fixed: Large fonts display
Fixed: AV when running a backup on two plugins
Fixed: Some Google Drive sources are not considered
Fixed: Filters are not saved correctly
Fixed: Warning on test for backups to Google Drive

FBackup 9.0.266

Fixed: Block backup from Dropbox returned a zip error
Fixed: Files were backed up every time in certain situations
Fixed: Error with backup history reporting
Fixed: Some extra mirror logging
Fixed: Log import error

FBackup 9.0.297

Fixed: Use only archiving bit did not work correctly all the time
Fixed: Invalid backup error for full backups on large files in some situations
Fixed: Overriding filters were not working correctly for some particular jobs
Fixed: Catalogs were not included when using the FBackup plugin in some situations
Fixed: Testing backup jobs using the FBackup plugin erroneously showed missing config files

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Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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