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Golden Software Surfer 21.1


Мощный картографический пакет, mapping program

Дата публикации: 13.05.2021 - 09:46
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Golden Software Surfer 20.1 + crack (patched)

Surfer 21.1 + crack (patched)

3D View: display 3D polylines, 3D polygons and 3D polymeshes in 3D
Change To: convert regular points, polylines and polygons to 3D polylines and 3D polygons (and vice versa)
Import: import 3D polylines, 3D polygons and 3D polymeshes as 3D geometry
Properties: Coordinates: display and edit Z coordinates for 3D geometry
Grids: calculate area and volume between contours
3D PDF Export: reduce file size of exported file using the grid surface "quality reduction"
Display 32-bit BGRA images with or without transparency (turn off the alpha channel)
DXF Export: option to export LWPOLYLINE with no ZLEVEL (2D flat polylines)
Automation: all grid exporting/saving commands need an export options string
Automation: ClassedPostLayer: new Class properties (including colormap)
Automation: GridAssignNodata: use polygon boundary
Automation: GridProject
Automation: LabelFormat: DMSFormat and DMS options
Automation: PointSample
Automation: SaveFile [Grid]: use parameter for SpatialReferences

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Pages: 1, 2

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