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GerbView 8.27


просмотр Gerber, HPGL 2, Excellon Viewer and Converter

Дата публикации: 12.11.2020 - 12:55
GerbView 8.27 + crack (lic patched)

ODB++ file from customer failed to open.
Added support for Excellon type 2 format step and repeat commands (M25, M01, M02 and M08).
Slots in Excellon drill file had wrong size.
Loading of Excellon drill file from customer did never complete.
ODB++ ZIP file failed to open.
Excellon drill file was loaded with incorrect tool sizes.
Zoom to extents did not show correct area after a layer alignment or move.
Profiles found in ODB++ files are now loaded as a separate layer.
Component layers are now loaded from ODB ZIP files too.
Layers are no longer added to the recently used file list if they are loaded from a ZIP file.

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