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Bulk Image Downloader 5.48


автоматизация загрузки изображений, auto download image

Дата публикации: 26.09.2019 - 13:24
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Bulk Image Downloader 5.37 + crack (license patched)

Цитата | Quote( Bulk Image Downloader 5.37 )
What's new in [14 February 2019]
    "Flickr Login" (Ctrl+Alt+F) function not working due to Flickr no longer supporting any version of Internet Explorer (BID uses an embedded instance of IE to load pages containing javascript)
    This function will now display the flickr authorisation URL required to link BID to your account. If the authorisation page fails to load within the BID window, please copy and paste the authorisation URL into your default browser to continue. Follow the prompts until a "validation code" is displayed. Enter this validation code into BID to continue.

hack: loader + browser add-on
Bulk Image Downloader 5.38 + кряк (ключ-loader)

Цитата | Quote( BulkImage Downloader 5 )
What's new in 5.38 [11 March 2019]
    wikifeet / wikifeetx support updated
    rule34.xxx support updated
    "Flickr Login" updated to automatically open the authorisation page in your browser

hack: loader + browser add-on
Bulk Image Downloader 5.40 + crack (serial-loader)

Цитата | Quote( What's new in Bulk 5.40 17 March 2019 )
    sex.com support updated. Videos hosted by sex.com can now be downloaded
    rule34hentai.net video support added
    eroticasearch.net support added (pics and videos)
    imgmaze, imgrock, imgoutlet, imgview, imgtown, imgdew support updated. These and similar sites might have caused BID to crash previously. Note that having any images from these web sites in your download list will make BID download just a single image at a time (to prevent instability)
    pixsense, iceimg and related sites support updated
    imgspice support updated
    imgwallet support added
    piccash support added
    picshick.com support added

hack: loader + browser add-on
Bulk Image Downloader 5.41 + кряк (лоадер)

Цитата | Quote( new Bulk ImageDownloader )
    imrsrc.ru support updated
    deviantart support updated
    wikifeet/wikifeetx support updated
    wallpapersafari.com support added
    imgfrost.net support added
    improved redirection handling

hack: loader + browser add-on
Bulk Image Downloader 5.43 + crack (loader)

Цитата | Quote(Bulk Image Downloader)
    vk.com support updated.
    BID can now fully supports vk.com from photo and album pages (vk.com/album*, vk.com/tag*)
    To allow BID to access non public photos on vk please link BID to your vk account using the new "VK Login" function (Ctrl+Alt+V)
    imgsrc.ru support updated
    imgur support updated (png and gif files)
    bdsmlr.com archive page handling improved (username.bdsmlr.com/archive)
    myarchives.net support updated. (Make sure that you're logged in by using the BID Site Login function Ctrl+Alt+L)
    pixxxels.cc support added
    hentai-foundry.com support updated
    twatis.com support added
    imx.to support added
    imgdrive.net support updated

Bulk Image Downloader 5.44 + crack (loader)

Цитата | Quote(Bulk Image Downloader)
    pixabay support updated (Make sure that you're logged in to pixabay by using the BID Site Login function Ctrl+Alt+L)
    myhentaigallery.com support updated
    smugmug support updated (will now download largest available image, not just XL sized)
    picclick.com support updated

Bulk Image Downloader 5.47 + crack (loader)

500px support updated: NSFW images will now be downloaded correctly. Images will now be saved using their names.
girlsreleased.com support updated
weheartit.com support added
zerochan.net support updated (multipage working again)
reddit.com support updated. BID will now automatically scroll reddit pages to extract images.
bdsmlr.com support updated. If original image is not available BID will now download the next largest available
gotceleb.com support updated
onlyfans.com support updated. Note that onlyfans will only work with BID if you launch BID directly from your web browser's right click context menu ("open current page with BID"). This requires the BID browser extension to be installed. Scroll the page manually to reveal all the images you want to download before launching BID from your browser. Only revealed images will be downloadable by BID
Bulk Image Downloader 5.48 + crack (key loader)

Цитата | Quote(Bulk Image Downloader crack)
    pornhub album support added
    pinterest support updated
    imgur gallery support updated (imgur.com/gallery pages will now be processed correctly again)
    pixroute.com support added
    picclick support updated
    instagram support updated
    vk.com support updated - "saved photos" now supported. Wall photos were displayed in reverse order (fixed)
    xhamster.desi support added
    pixs.cx support added
    bdsmlr.com users - please note that it's possible to disable infinite scroll for posts and archive views. Please disable  all inifinite scroll options in your bdsmlr site settings settings as this makes it image extraction easier, faster and more reliable when using BID.
    smugmug support updated (BID did not download the largest images available in some cases)
    in some cases BID would overwrite files with the same name even if set to rename (if actual file type did not match given file extension) - fixed
    auto generated file names now pad the numbers to 4 digits (e.g. 0001 instead of 001)

Mirror / Зеркало
Mirror / Зеркало

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