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Bulk Image Downloader 5.76


авто загрузки изображений, auto download image BID

Дата публикации: 22.07.2020 - 13:22
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BulkImage Downloader + crack (key patched)

tumblr support updated
deviantart.com support updated
bing image search support updated
imgsrc.ru support updated. Fast downloads working again
publicfeet.com support added
BID would sometimes close unexpectedly when creating multiple download threads using embedded chromium (fixed)

Bulk Image Downloader 5.59 + crack (patched)

onlyfans.com support updated. Photos and videos may now be downloaded (from /photo and /video URLs)
Text descriptions will be used as file names when saving.
(BID may fail to download very large videos due to running out of memory - if this happens set the max download threads to 1 or 2)
motherless.com video support updated
famousfix.com support added
bdbphotos.com support added
derpibooru.org support updated
ragalahari.com support updated
improved memory management (BID now has access to the maximum amount of memory available to 32 bit apps)
Page title could be blank in some cases (fixed)
certain character encodings would cause BID to fail to decode page source correctly (fixed)

Bulk Image Downloader 5.60 + crack (patched)

Support for latest Chromium v80 cookie changes (Google Chrome and MS Edge Chromium)
(Previously BID would not have been able to read cookies from the latest versions of Chrome and MS Edge - this would have caused problems with web sites that require logging in to access - e.g. facebook, deviantart and many others)
Google image search working again
instagram support updated
twitter.com support updated
amazon.com support updated
etsy.com support updated
sex.com support updated
onlyfans.com support is not possible at the moment as it seems to require us to use a new internal Chromium engine that does not support older versions of Windows. We will investigate this again once we release a version of BID that no longer supports Windows XP and Vista

Bulk Image Downloader 5.61 + crack (patched)

tumblr support updated
analyzing speed increased (was very slow on certain sites, like bing image search)
bing image search support updated (some thumbnails did not display correctly)
If the BID Queue Manager terminates unexpectedly, it will restart the last batch it was processing when started again

Bulk Image Downloader 5.62 + crack (patched)

Internal Chromium Engine updated to v79 - Because of this BID will no longer work on Windows XP and Vista. At least Windows 7 is required now
(BID will only download the required 90MB Chromium support libraries when it's installed if they are not found).
onlyfans.com support updated.
Important: You will have to use the "BID Site Login" function (Ctrl+Alt+L) to open the onlyfans URL you want to download from. If you see you're not logged in, log into the site using this special internal BID browser window. Once logged in, close the special browser window and load the page using BID. BID should detect photos and videos from onlyfans photo and video pages. Logging into BID's internal browser will most likely log you out of onlyfans in your main browser, so you may have to log in there again. When you do this you'll have to log into BID's internal browser again when you attempt to download anything.
Bing image search support updated
deviantart saved images might have been corrupted in some cases (fixed)
deviantart scraps folders can now be downloaded from
fixed BID Queue Manager bug introduced in 5.61 (current URL would be added to list again incorrectly)
Fixed possible crash that might occur while loading large pages containing javascript

Bulk Image Downloader 5.64 + crack (patched)

Support for "new" style facebook
Drag drop issues with BID and Firefox 74 fixed
BID has been ported to a new development platform. 64 bit version coming soon!

Bulk Image Downloader 5.65 + crack (patched)

fmcollection.us support updated
nudecollect.com support updated (multi page loading)
pinterest support updated (png files were not loading)
Improved handling of sites that use "http" basic authentication
dragging links into BID from Firefox may have hung BID - fixed
BID might have closed unexpectedly when downloading from certain web sites that use javascript - fixed
Fixed various issues introduced in 5.64 caused by the switch to the new development platform:
- BID was not remembering certain settings correctly (e.g. filter settings, overwrite options, etc) - fixed
- BID Queue Manager retry files not being saved correctly - fixed
- Unicode characters were not being handled correctly in some cases - fixed

Bulk Image Downloader 5.70 + crack (patched)

tumblr support updated (images can be downloaded again). Processing tumblr pages might have displayed internal browser window while loading pages - fixed
e621.net support added
new "Reverse List Order" function added (Ctrl+Alt+R shortcut). Reverses the order of images in the list.
registration code validation might have failed on some non English versions of Windows (e.g. Japanese) - fixed

Bulk Image Downloader 5.71 + crack (patched)

imagevenue support updated
1x.com support added
Flickr API settings (Advanced Configuration) were not editable - fixed
e621.net support updated (multiple tag search now loads multiple pages)
pornhub image gallery support updated
BID Queue Manager updated to prevent possible endless retrying of failed jobs
New Vietnamese translation (thanks to Ma Minh Toàn)
Bulk Image Downloader 5.74 + crack (key patched)

Цитата | Quote(BID)
    BID would fail to load some pages containing javascript on certain PCs (loading would hang) - fixed
    "Escape" hotkey would not cancel page loads when loading certain types of page - fixed

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