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Bulk Image Downloader 5.93


авто загрузки изображений, auto download image BID

Дата публикации: 16.04.2021 - 11:48
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Bulk Image Downloader 5.89 + crack (patched)

facebook video support updated - BID will now download both video and audio files for each video. Unfortunately facebook does not provide combined HD video and audio files so you'll have to use other video software to combine the video and audio files together for now. The audio file names will have the same name as the video file, but with "_audio" appended.
fandom.com support updated
furaffinity.net support update
justinbphotos.org support added
stone-emma.com support added
fixed "SSL handshake error" that could occur on some sites (like imagefap.com) when running BID on Windows 7
"if files exists skip" option was not working correctly when using the "embedded images only" filter option - fixed

Bulk Image Downloader 5.90 + crack (patched)

Цитата | Quote(Bulk Image Downloader)
onlyfans support updated. Requires BID browser extensions (Chrome and Firefox) to be updated to version 5.90
pornpics.com support updated. Video download now also supported from this site.
vipr.im support updated
hegre.com gallery support added
radikal.ru support updated
girlswithmuscle.com support added
lovelygirl.cc support added
aliexpress support updated
pixroute.com support updated
gomezgallery.org support updated
adoring-kstewart.com support updated
improved cookie and user agent handling. Various sites that BID was unable to log into previously should work now. (e.g. 1x.com)
BID Link Explorer will now auto scroll "infinite scroll" pages if site is configured to do so in BID "Javascript Sites" list (advanced config)

Bulk Image Downloader 5.91 + crack (patched)

BID can now download videos larger than 2GB (max size 4GB)
BID will now download large images and videos to temporary disk files instead of keeping them in RAM. This greatly reduces memory use and speeds up downloads of large video files.
support for mkv format videos added
canva support updated - BID will now download non watermarked images if you're logged in with an appropriate account
vk support updated - BID would not locate the largest image available in some cases
volafile support updated. BID will now also download volafile video files
imx.to support updated
crownimg.com support added
support updated for imgrock, imgmaze, imgdew, imgtown
fetlife support updated
jessica-chastain.net, jessica-chastain.com, benbarnesfan.com, islafisher.net and similar sites support updated

Bulk Image Downloader 5.92 + crack (patched)

onlyfans endless "captcha" when using "BID Site Login" function fixed
facebook support updated
rule34.xxx support updated
pressing Escape from another application might cancel BID's downloading (fixed)
fixed incorrect config setting for coppermine gallery sites (like jessica-chastain.com, benbarnesfan.com, etc.)
user agent issues fixed (some sites may have blocked BID if BID used without browser extension)
new "Reverse image list order after scanning" option in Advanced configuration->Images. If enabled the image list will be reversed automatically after each scan.

Bulk Image Downloader 5.93 + crack (patched)

deviantart support updated. Multi page loading was failing due to recent site changes.
nozomi.la support updated (multipage, video support)
hoyolab.com support updated
Turkish translation updated (thanks to Ferhat MURAT)

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Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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