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OkMap Desktop 14.12.6


ПО для GPS-навигаторов, cartographic applications

Дата публикации: 22.06.2020 - 14:48
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OkMap Desktop 14.11.1 + crack (patched)

OkMap Desktop 14.11.2 + crack (patched)

OkMap 14.11.3 + crack (patched)

OkMap Desktop 14.12 + crack (patched)

Loading waypoints, routes, tracks: Added other formats.
Saving waypoints, routes, tracks: Added other formats.
Updated the list of the GPS devices supported in "GPS - Send" and "GPS - Receive" functions.
Map server: Added the possibility to indicate the top-left and bottom-right coordinates.
Home coordinates stored in Preferences - Coordinates.
Home coordinates called up by the context menu of the coordinates box.
Tracks: In the absence of the "course =" information (returned by the GPS), the direction is calculated with the last two points.
Loading world file: Empty lines are ignored.
Added icons in the context menu of coordinates box.

OkMap Desktop 14.12.1 + crack (patched)

Added the "Italy WGS84 UTM32/33/34" projections for backwards compatibility
The areas for the "Italy ED50 UTM32/33/34" projections have been modified
FIX: Loading World file with LF line terminator without CR
FIX: Fixed a bug in the management of the splitters contained in windows anchored in a small space

OkMap 14.12.3 + crack (patched)

Цитата | Quote(OkMap Desktop)
    Save project: Any modified files are saved: maps, gpx, toponyms and photos.
    Main menu: Added "Vector data - Change theme" menu.
    Main menu: Moved the menu "GPX - Convert vectorial to GPX data" in the menu "Vector data".
    Maps: Added context menu: "Find GPX file".
    Maps: Added context menu: "Select all".
    Web maps: Added layers "Italian house numbers" and "Italian toponyms".
    NMEA communication: Implemented the sentences:
        $xxVTG - Track made good and Ground speed.
        $xxZDA - Time & Date - UTC, day, month, year and local time zone.
        $xxHDT - Heading - True.
    FIX: Navigation data: Reduced flickering.
    FIX: GPS track graphs: Fixed an error in the graph display.
    FIX: GPS track graphs: The choice of chart type was lost.

Mirror / Зеркало
Mirror / Зеркало

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OkMap Desktop 14.12.4 + crack (patched)

Map georeferencing: In the coordinate box not all context menus were activated.
OkMap 14.12.5 + crack (patched)

Map server: Added layers: "OpenDem - Marine profile" and "OpenDem - Water depth".
Coordinate box: Added new context menu "Paste found coordinates".
Routing context menu: New menus "From coordinates" and "To coordinates".
FIX: Map server: Fixed civic numbers and toponyms layers as non-customized layers.
FIX: Show GeoTiff tags - Create TFW: Fixed a bug when the TIFF file doesn't contain valid tags.

OkMap 14.12.6 + crack (patched)

Цитата | Quote(OkMap)
    Coordinate box: new menu:
        Set coordinates
        Save waypoint
        Save Toponym
        Find in geocaching.com
        Find in peakfinder.com
    Map: Context menu: new menu:
        Save toponym
    Track graphs: new menu:
        Copy coordinates (text format)
        Save toponym
        Find maps
        Find waypoints, routes, tracks
        View point in Google Maps
    Save map in GeoTiff format: added the tags: ModelPixelScaleTag, GeogAngularUnitsGeoKey and ProjLinearUnitsGeoKey.
    Map info: The map scale is divided into two values: scale X and scale Y.
    Load map via GDAL: The possibility of specifying the conversion parameters has been introduced.
    FIX: Utility – Maps - Show Geotiff tags - Create TFW: reporting when the file cannot be created.

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