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управление базой данных MySQL, tool SQL Server

Дата публикации: 26.04.2021 - 10:25
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2018/12/10 - PHPMaker 2019.0.5 released


PHPMaker 2019.0.5 + Extension + crack (cracked)

Цитата | Quote( PHPMaker 2019.0.5.0 )
2018/12/10 v2019.0.5
- Compatibility with PHP Report Maker 12
- Improved: Api class (REST API)
- Improved: PhpBarcode class (Custom View Tag)
- Improved: Add advanced setting "Multi-column List page grid CSS class"
- Improved: Preview overlay (Preview extension for registered users)
- Fixed: Anonymous access for lookup
- Fixed: Global variable "Conn"
- Fixed: CSS for single column checkbox/radio list
- Fixed: CSS for icon in input group
- Fixed: CSS for password strength bar
- Fixed: CSS for dropdown list clear button
- Fixed: Unnecessarily check field variable name against table variable name
- Fixed: Add Option with Auto-Update value
- Fixed: Lookup_Selecting for detail grid and Add Option
- Fixed: Dropdown list not showing selected options properly
- Fixed: Not checking MSSQL schema for linked databases
- Fixed: Multiple upload fields with non image file and colorbox
- Fixed: Show messages by JavaScript
- Fixed: Scrolling Table for Master/Detail View (Scrolling Table extension for registered users)
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements

hack в комплекте
Extension for PHPMaker 2019 Registered Users + PHPMaker 2019.0.5.0
PHPMaker 2019.0.6 + crack (patched exe)

Цитата | Quote( PHPMaker2019.0.6 )
2019/01/02 v2019.0.6
- Improved: Support "$this" for Lookup Filter
- Improved: Support unicode for extension settings
- Improved: Reset slimScroll height
- Improved: Reset layout height with HTML editor
- Improved: Highlight active menu items
- Improved: Add getExportTag() method for use with ExportOptions
- Improved: Allow URL parameters for return pages
- Improved: Create Language object in API
- Fixed: Linked MSSQL database with schema
- Fixed: Highlight search in List page only
- Fixed: Autoloader not before Global Code
- Fixed: Menu URL with hash
- Fixed: Selected options from Modal Lookup across pages
- Fixed: Save file upload related fields
- Updated: Time picker, JsRender, pGenerator and pStrength
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements

hack в комплекте
Extension for PHPMaker 2019 Registered Users + PHPMaker 2019.0.6.0

Mirror / Зеркало
Mirror / Зеркало

password softoroom
PHPMaker 2019.0.7 + crack (license patched)

Цитата | Quote( PHPMaker 2019.0.7 )
2019/02/12 v2019.0.7
- Improved: Clear old error message when opening import dialog
- Improved: Change Lookup::LookupFilter to public
- Improved: Set RowType as ROWTYPE_AGGREGATE for aggregate rows in Preview page
- Improved: Set custom-select width as "auto" in detail grid
- Improved: Allow setting empty value by .fields() plugin's .value() method
- Improved: Update Master/Detail sequences before generation
- Improved: Input group for Auto-Suggest with Add Option
- Improved: HTML-decode field value in Edit page if Remove XSS enabled
- Improved: Allow output in Row_CustomAction
- Fixed: Custom Template with page 0
- Fixed: Dynamic Selection List with Auto-Fill
- Fixed: Sort-up icon in Preview page
- Fixed: Scrolling Table extension for Multiple Master/Detail
- Fixed: PHPWord/PhpSpreadsheet extensions for field values in HTML
- Fixed: DOMPDF extension using TCPDF fonts
- Fixed: Send email on Add
- Fixed: Custom Grid-Add/Edit return page
- Fixed: Lookup to own table with different Link Field
- Fixed: Breadcrumb for detail table Add page
- Fixed: CSS styles for for Delete Filter button
- Fixed: Menu item for Custom File with output folder
- Fixed: Checking default values of fields for MySQL 8
- Updated: JsRender
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements

hack в комплекте
Extension for PHPMaker 2019 Registered Users + PHPMaker 2019.0.7.0
PHPMaker 2019.0.9 + crack (key patched)

Цитата | Quote( new PHPMaker )
2019/04/08 v2019.0.9
- Improved: Disable lookup cache for child fields
- Improved: Handle HTML entities for modal lookup
- Improved: Allow lookup fields in registration page (with User Level Security)
- Improved: Cleaning temp images
- Improved: Saving events for tables
- Improved: Compressing .css file with css-flip enabled
- Fixed: Row_Import server event not fired correctly
- Fixed: File upload field as lookup display field
- Fixed: Modal Lookup with Option Template
- Fixed: Composer error about "PHPMaker" package name
- Fixed: Error when updating old data in User Level Permissions table
- Fixed: z-index of popover and tooltip
- Fixed: Creating folder in remote upload folder (S3)
- Fixed: Error during Master/Detail-Add
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Extension PHPMaker 2019 + PHPMaker 2019.0.9.0 (update 13.04.2019)
Thanks for the post

But the software PHPMaker 2019.0.9 asking for registration. Replaced the exe with the exe from the patch
Tried many times. Not able to used the software.

Looking forward for your reply.
thank you
1. Replace exe
2. Block Internet access
Works great...
» Нажмите, для открытия спойлера | Press to open the spoiler «

Thanks for you reply,

As per your guidance

Blocked the internet,
installed the phpmaker 2019.0.9
replaced the exe

Again the same problem
Твой софтовый форум
1. remove phpmaker from the PC.
2. Make the registry clean CCleaner + Registry Trash Keys Finder
3. Reboot the PC
4. Reinstall phpmaker
Again Thank for your guidance,

Cleaned with CCleaner,
rebooted the laptop
reinstalled .
But again the same error.

Formatted the laptop
installed just windows-7 32 bit
installed phpmaker
same error again.

Please kindly guide me

thank you
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